Sunday, November 2, 2008


Feature Presentation:

Between Me and You

"Between Me And You™ keepsake journals are a unique and personal way to record family memories. Each hardcover journal contains 40-45 fun, straightforward questions. Give them to loved ones. You get them back with handwritten responses you'll cherish forever. Collect Grandparents' handwritten thoughts for your children or fill one out as a gift for someone special."

Up for Grabs:

One winner will receive a Between Me and You journal of their choice.

Special Offer for Everyone:

10% off each journal thru November 8th, 2008. (Think Christmas- Great Gift!!)

How to Win:

*Visit and decide who you want to get to know better!

* Come back here and leave me a comment at the end of this post.

*Winston wants to know:

1. Favorite Journal Version.

2. Is there a version you would like to see?

Crunch Time:

*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, November 9th, 2008, 9:00 pm (CST).
*I will randomly select winners and post it here first thing Monday (November 10th) morning.
* Winners have 3 days to email me at to claim your prizes. (If you would like to be contacted, you can leave your email address with your entry or on your profile).

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Jenny said...

Oh, these are GREAT!!!! I might have to purchase a few for Christmas presents!

Jenny M., AL

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, but that's coming from a big journaler! My Grandma, who has passed away now, journaled for years and I inherited all those journals. I'd probably most love to give one to my mom as I feel there is so much I want to ask her about and I always forget WHAT to ask. I can't think of one that is missing... Jenny D., Colorado

emily said...

I really like the one for sisters, and I'd love to have one for my sister and I.

Other ideas? I think it'd be nice to have one for cousins; both my brother and sister each have a close relationship with a particular cousin, even though they're often 3,000 miles apart and have very little in common, their uniting tie is just that they share a family history, and they've built a friendship out of it.

Anonymous said...

I love the 'Sister' journal. This would be a great thing for my sister and I to do.

Jan M.
Austin, TX

windycindy said...

Happy Monday! I am one of three siblings. My brother passed away eight years ago, as well as my mother. My older sister and I have always been close! Please enter me in your drawing for a "Sister Journal!"
I know she would enjoy writing in it for me. I could give it to her at Christmas time. Thanks very much!

Abby said...

I really like the daughter one! I can't think of another version maybe a teacher one?

ajcmeyer At go dot com

Nikki said...

I like the Grandma one the best.
Nikki H.

Katherine said...

My favorite is Honey.

I think one for inlaws would be nice - Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, etc.

stampedwithgrace said...

since both my in-laws have passed, I'd like to have the Grandma/Grandpa ones for my parents. but I can see the Mom/Dad ones being important soon too! they're all such a great idea! I would maybe add "Baby" for parents to fill out for that child.

Meg said...

My dad is often a mystery to me. I would love to know more about him and his life. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

1. Favorite Journal Version.
These are all cool - I would love the Honey one!

2. Is there a version you would like to see?
Maybe a best friend one would be cool

AmyV in Texas

Sandy said...

the honey or reunion look great to me mrs.mommyyatgmaildotcom

Gina Lee said...

These are wonderful! I like the one for my grandmother. I think you covered all the people I would ever want. Awesome site!
Gina M. ID

Chanelle said...

I liked a few of them, but would choose the Grandma and Grandpa since my kids don't see their grandparents as often since we are out of state. It may be helpful to see a journal where both the Grandma and Grandpa can add responses in one journal instead of two. For the Honey one as well, I think it would be a good idea where both spouses could make responses and have it be a journal to share instead of just one giving it to the other, then back. Then it could be considered it a shared journal where both could make responses in one.

LeBaron Family said...

What a wonderful idea!!
I LOVE all of them but if I had to pick one it might be the Friend one!!

*Katie May* said...

I think all of them are a great idea. I would most likely do the Mom/Dad ones so that I would have a written history of my parents for me and my kids.
Other ideas, I am not sure.

Katie C. Az

Anonymous said...

I think this concept is a great idea!! My parents have both passed away and how I wish I could have given something like this to them a few years ago.

My suggestion to the owner of the site would be to be more upfront about the prices. They are very reasonable but because they're not posted it makes you think they are very expensive. To find out you have to click the "buy now" button and that can be off putting.

Great additions to the line would be one for Husband and one for Wife.

Sandy L., Iowa

I Do Faces said...

These are perfect for Christmas!!! I would do the Dad one for my baby becasue I have already been writing to her. I also like the honey one, it reminds me of high school notes we used to write haha!
It might be cool if they had like a teacher one to each student??
Tasia K

Sara Gibson said...

I would love to have a book like that between my mother and I. I also think it would be fun to fill it out as the mother. My kids are still too small to write their own.

Sara Gibson said...

Oops, forgot my name.....

Sara G., Pleasant Grove, UT

Jeff & Nicole said...

Wow. These are so neat. I would love to give one to both of my parents and all of my grandparents. what great gifts!!!
Nicole D, Utah

Melisa said...

I love the one for girlfriends and for family.
I think that one for cousins would be great. My cousins and I have been very close over the years. Also maybe one for teens to get all of their friends comments.
Melisa, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Would love the grandma version. As my grandma gets older, I'd love to have some of her thoughts and memories written down and keep as a family heirloom. Not sure what other books I'd like, as they already offer all that I would be interested in. Thanks so much for a great giveaway!
laurachilton {at}

Megan said...

1. I like the reunion one
2. I think it would be fun to have one for your immediate family (not extended like the reunion one)

Fun idea!

Megan M., Utah

lindanuts said...

I would like to get to know my granddaughter better--well, continue knowing about her. She is 13 and going through the normal changes and facing the challenges of teen years. My favorite journal would be girl. I think she and her girlfriend could pass it back and forth. They are already in journal mode, using spiral notebooks. What I'd like to see? One for school teachers or professors so that thoughts about students or topics ot tests could be recorded all in one place. And for a favorite aunt.....

Emily said...

I like the Grandma and Grandpa version. The Mom and Dad are also great!
Emily R. Utah

Carr Family said...

What a great idea! It makes it so easy for you. I love the mom and dad ones. It would be neat if there was just one book for both mom and dad.

Tara C. PA

Anjanette said...

My kids have done this with their grandparents - we've always just made a little book. I love these and I'd have to say the grandparents ones are our favorite!! What to add? The only thing I can think of is one for a birth parent in an open adoption situation, but that is getting really specific.

They're just great.

odomfamilyfun said...

these are all really neat. i really would enjoy the 'Honey' one I think.
Brandon, MS

Melanie said...

I love this idea! If I had to pick I'd choose the sister one. My sister and I are ten years apart and so it would be a great way to bond even when we don't get to live in the same house!

I agree that a baby version that the parents fill out would be great. Maybe a nephew/niece.

Melanie S., Oklahoma

Allison said...

I like the honey version, and the mother version. They all look great.
Allison G.

clenna said...

I would love the Grandma one.

I'd like to see one for how Grandma and Grandpa met.

jamie t. said...

What a great idea! I love the reunion one. I may have to pick one up for ours next summer!

Jamie T. Portland

Samantha said...

I love the notebook for your "honey." Even though my husband and I have spoken of many of these questions, it would be a lot of fun to read, in his own words what his answers would be!

Samantha O., IN

tystrishy said...

My favorite is the "honey journal." What a fun way to reconnect with your spouse! I would love to see a memorial type journal to collect memories in of lost loved ones.

Tricia L. TX

Kristin9204 said...

I love the "Honey" one. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and have a 4 yr old daughter. I also have a full time daycare. So spare time to talk is few and far between for my husband and I. I think this would be so great for the two of us. I hope I get picked!!!!!!

Karin said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE these! Well, I love the Mom one. I'd love to give that to my mom and see what she has to say. Such a fun idea--I hope I win!

Karin D., Idaho

The Lindsays said...

What a great idea...I'd actually love to give one to my mom, my husband, my best friend and my sisters?! I can't think of any other books I'd add to the mix.

Alicia L, UT

mommyjen99 said...

1. Favorite Journal Version.
Grandma and Mom

2. Is there a version you would like to see?
Best friend maybe

Rachel said...

I love the one for girlfriends and for family.

Rachel H.
Eugene, OR

donna444444 said...

I would like Mom and Dad. Maybe they could do one called Parents.
Donna K, IN

Matt and Erin Pitcher said...

I would love to have one for my mom...and my dad. What a great idea.

Erin P.
Des Moines, Iowa

Eric and Kristelle Larsen said...

My favorite is probably the one for couples. and I would love to see one for friends.

Kristelle L. Des Moines IA

Hiatt Family said...

The honey journal is my favorite. I think it would be neat to make one for grandparents to give to a grandchild. I'm sure they would love seeing their grandchildren's point of view.
Anjane' H.

Andria said...

These are fantastic. I would choose Honey. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea. I would love to own the grandma journal. I would also like to see an aunt/uncle journal or a photographic journal. Thanks!

Keyomi said...

OMG..what a gr8 idea. I would love the "HONEY" one. We are both busy working full time and it would be great to slip this in his work bag and get his responses! :) thank you.

Keyomi said...

i cannot think of any version that i would want besides the ones you so thoughtfully have.

Sue Wintz said...

I like them all, but especially the ones for son and daughter. I would love to see one of Memories that could be filled in with memories of someone who has died to give to the family.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea and a fantastic giveaway! I love the Daughter one and I'd really like to see a Friends journal. I've had the same bff for 34 years. What fun it would be to give her a journal.

Lolly said...

These are wonderful. What a unique way to get started saving memories! I love the Mom and Honey books... Honestly, I am just blown away by the choices already and can't think of anything else! Excellent products!

Corina said...

I love them all! what great ideas! I especially like "honey" as it is always great to find something to bring my husband and I closer. :)

LadyBug-Kellie said...

I would love to have the Mom or Daughter journal. What a wonderful way to share stories and to keep forever!
ladeebug224 at hotmail dot com

Paige said...

Very cute! I would love to get one for "Grandma" for my Mom to fill out for my sons.

Jackie S said...

I thought these were cute, but a tad expensive for a sprial bound notebook. I think it would be nice to have one that allowed you to write in it as well as the person you're asking to write in it. If you keep passing it back and forth it would have both your answers in it and that would be a fun read! ~Jackie S, Iowa

Anonymous said...

I'd love the one for mother.

Molly said...

I like the Grandma one best, but would like to see a joint grandma/grandpa book.
momabr at yahoo dot com

bocktalk said...

I really want the "Honey" journal.
I would also like to see an "Adopted" version!

Andryb said...

I think the journal for couples would make a great anniversary gift.
Andrea B Utah

brooke & tyler said...

awesome idea. that is perfect for christmas. i especially love the daughter one.

i can't think of a new one. you seemed to cover them all.

brooke h., wisconsin

Ashley said...

Fun idea. I like how you can sample the different questions inside each one. My fave is the couples one. It'd be fun to fill out and have our kids read...I'd love to know about my own parents as well. Great idea!
Ashley R., Ohio

Jingle said...

I would love to share one of these with my Mom! (The Mom one, of course! LOL!) I don't have kids, but I still think it would be neat if you made one that young children could fill out. Something they could do while they are young that would be treasured by their parents and then given back to them to hand on to their children.

jinglesells at gmail dot com

Wendy said...

I love this idea! I want to get one for my mom, dad, sister, and hubby! Is there anyway we can get the discount until Monday? Because if I happen to win then I will want to buy one less!

Wendy C.

The Weissler's said...

I would definately be interested in what my mom has to say! What a neat idea!!

Debbie W.

The Hills Family said...

These are AWESOME!! I have tried to think of ways to get my grandma to record some of her life history for me but she always makes it like it isn't important or that she doesn't know what to write about it. So this would be perfect for her because it provides direction and things to write/tell about.

Moments said...

Favorite version:
These are wonderful! I love the "honey" one. Such a great idea!!

A version I would like to see:
Maybe one a mother/father could write down about their infant children. You know, to record those funny and cute things they do, before they are old enough to right them down.

These are great Christmas ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

BryNate said...

Do I really have to pick just one? I loved the monther one and the honey one. I think it'd be fun to have a "silly family" one where we can write down our silly times and maybe include a picture or two.

Bryn S., Idaho

clay and jordan said...

My favorite is the Reunion version. I love when my family gets together and laughs over old memories, so this book would be a great gift for that.

I can't think of anything else...maybe a pregnancy one?

LOVE this idea!!

Jordan H.
Des Moines, IA

BryNate said...

Do I really have to pick just one? I love the mom and honey journals. I think it'd be fun to do a "silly moments" one where you can write down the funny things in life and maybe include a picture or two.

Bryn S., Idaho

Janel said...

What a great idea! I would get the grandma & grandpa ones so that my parents could fill them out for my kids. Thanks!

jgbeads AT gmail DOT com

April Meek said...

I would love the mom journal. They are all great.

April M.

Rach said...

I love them. I definitely need the Grandma & Grandpa ones, a mom one would be a great gift for friends!!

Rachael K, UT

megankortepeter said...

My favorite is the honey book but I would love to see a sister book.

Megan and Nate said...

I would love the Grandma journal. I think this would be a great keepsake!

Megan R.
Des Moines, IA

Rockin' Mama said...

My mom

jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com