Saturday, October 18, 2008

Giveaway for 10/20 - 10/26/08

Feature Presentation:


"Bows2cute specializes in bows made for fine, thin, or barely there hair. Other clips and bow styles are available as well. Each bow is custom made. These clips are offered at a more affordable price because cute accessories should not have to cost a fortune!"

**Don't have a little girl? Enter to win as a gift for a little girl you know!!**

Up for Grabs:

Two winners this Giveaway! You will each receive:

1. Bow Holder- ( choose color and clip type)

2. Starter Set

3. Baby Snappie Bitty Bow (choose ribbon color)

How to Win:
*Go to and enjoy the darling site.

*Come back here and leave a comment at the end of this post.

*Jamie wants to know:
***What is your favorite bow and what clip option does it offer that would work best for you?

**Don't forget to leave your first name, last initial and state with your entry**

Special Offer for Everyone:
All of you will receive a 10% discount by entering code: ILG10 at checkout! I'm thinking these make great, inexpensive Christmas gifts!

Crunch Time:

*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, October 26th, 2008, 9:00 pm (CST).
*I will randomly select winners and post it here first thing Monday (October 27th) morning.
* Winners have 3 days to email me at to claim your prizes. (If you would like to be contacted, you can leave your email address with your entry or on your profile).

Next Giveaway:

Begins Monday, October 27th. Hint: Not a baby item -something for the lady!

Weekly Reminder:
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Anonymous said...

Such a cute site! These were all so adorable! My favorite was the the "lil'graduate" with the "no-slip" clip.

Shauna R. Michigan

lrbodine said...

I love the spring fling flower bows for my toddler who still doesn't have much hair. I think we would need the no slip or the baby snappie clip!

Mollerup Madness said...

I love the Lil' graduate size bows in numerous ribbon patterns! I also like the 1.75 alligator clip! So cute!

Haylee M.

Noel said...

I love the spiked pinwheel with the alligator clip. It has just enough going on for a toddler like mine. :) Really adorable site too.

Noel B. Arizona

lacey said...

Finally! Bows for little ones with almost NO hair!!! I LOVE the mini korker bows, and the "no slip" is great, and easy to use! Such a cute website too! Pink and Paisley, two of my most favorite things!
Lacey F.

Anne Woods said...

so cute- i love bows! i like the 1.75 alligator as well!

Anne W.

Jenny said...

I love the little animal clips - the butterfly, ladybug and dragonfly! Perfect for those little heads with not much hair!

Jenny M., AL

Hélène said...

I like the Lil' Graduate Mini with the no slip clip.

Helene B

Rachel said...

I love the big headbands with a flower clip attached. SO CUTE!

Maren said...

everything is very cute. i really like the animal clips. my favorite is the flowers though. i am partial to those!

maren u. az

noreen said...

I love them all, I really liked the flower and animals ones, I think the ballerina bow is so cute. Both kinds of clips would work (no slip for my youngest and alligator for my oldest)

McCrazys said...

I loved the candy corn bow in the smller no slip.

Afie M.

*Katie May* said...

I love the printed streamers. Especially the one you have posted cute cupcakes! A pony-O would work best for me for that bow :) Everything is Super cute though!
Katie C

jenny said...

wow i love to win this and do i have a fav not realy any old thing will do thanks

triestep said...

I like the lil' graduate bows also...I like the mini gator clips the best, but they aren't available with these clips so I'd have to say the alligator clip...both of my girls have straight, very fine hair and most clips just slip out. The gator clips have always held the best! I also like the bows with rubber bands!

The Hunsberger Family said...

I am expecting my first, a little girl, soon and LOVE all of the precious bows. My favorite is the Initially Cute Flower with the no slip clip option.

Gloria H., Alabama

Lilith Silvermane said...

I love the Gingam bowtie! With the no slip clip!

Totally cute!

Hiatt Family said...

I like the pretty pearls baby no-slip clip best I think. It would look so cute with a baby blessing dress.
Anjane' H.

DH said...

I love the fabric buttons and the blossoming bobby pins. For clip option, the no-slip clip or the french clip would work best for us since my daughter is older now.
Love this site - I've bookmarked it :)
Dana H, Texas

Brian and Candace said...

Candace J, Virginia

My favorite bow is the Itty Bitty Blossom Baby No-Slip - it would be great to have more bows for kids with hair that isn't too thick to hold a real bow.

clenna said...

I love the Swiss Flowers with the alligator clips.
I'd love to use these with my new granddaughter.

Becky said...

I love all of them but especially the little baby snaps and infant head bands! I don't have any little girls but I've got several nieces that would die to have them for christmas!
Becky C. SC

skcoe said...

I like the big girl bows the best as my daughter is getting old enough to need something more substantial...the large aligator clips are best for us.


Sheryl C., Lehi UT

Wendy said...

I actually just found out I am having a baby girl after already having three boys. So, it was so fun to look at all these darling bows. I really like the pretty pearl clip, the lady bug clip, and the Spring Gingham clip.

Wendy C.

Gina Lee said...

Your site is awesome. My favorite right now for my daughter is the snappies. They slide right into her hair above her piggie tail without pulling the hair. I love the cutie pie clip. It's darling!

Gina M. ID

Sandy said...

Double Lil' Graduate brown polka with alli clip
sandy usa

anniewalkfam said...

wow, it's so hard to pick one. i really like the snappie in the shocking pink polka or the no slip clippie in the dior bows! super cute stuff.

Analisa W., WA

mommyjen99 said...

My favorite is the Flower baby snappie for newborns. My 3 month old daughter would look so cute in it.

windycindy said...

What a delightful giveaway prize drawing! My niece has very thick hair and I like the "Fabric Buttons" for her with bobbypins. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

lindanuts said...

I would adore any of these fab bows for my new granddaughter---Mya Papaya. Thanks, Robyn

donna444444 said...

I would like the Cheer Bow in the Pony-O design in blue.
Donna K

Michele said...

I love lots of these, but the Mickey and Minnie are especially adorable!! I like the no-slip option, too.

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)

Samantha said...

I love hairbows! I think that every little girl should have a hairbow for every outfit!!! My favorite bow would be the Big Hurrah. The clips and hairbands for big girls is what I would be looking for.

Samantha O.

Andrea V IL said...

Love everything. I like the scrabble pendants and the Spring Fling Flowers with Alligator clips.
vickers at comcast dot net

Megan said...

I love the candy apple M2M for tots! My daughter has fine hair and not a lot of it so I think the no-slip would be great!
Megan M, Utah

Christine said...

I really loved all of them!! I love the no-slip clips.. they would have been perfect for my daughter when she was a baby, and will probably work well for our next one!
Christine M. Idaho

Whimsical Creations said...

My favorite is the 2.5" sparkle flower on an alligator clip.

Melanie A, NY
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

dcala said...

I love the Baby No Slip Dior. This looks like it would work well for my daughters fine hair.

Andrea said...

I love the Sheer Flower Baby Snappie and the pink and green bow holder! Too cute!

The Halls said...

I love her bows. They are so cute. I really like the Baby non slip 1.5 clips and the mini korkers. It was hard to chose my favorite. I love them all. I bookmarked it too!!

Heather H, Utah

Meg said...

I love the ribbon headbands the best. Perfect! I am so excited about those. I'll have to order. I am glad you have up to adult size. You website looks great. Easy to navigate. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love the variety of ribbon you have! I also like the lil graduate size, and the no-slip has always seemed to work best for my daughter. I am excited that you have the mickey and minnie clips as those would be fun to have on our upcoming trip to Disneyworld! I will keep that in mind! Jenny D., Colorado

anniewalkfam said...

wow, it's hard to choose just one. i like the snappies w/ the shocking pink ribbon and the dior bows are really cute too!

Analisa W., WA

Ann said...

My favorite is the single flower for tots. The clip option that would work best is the no slip one. Thanks for the great giveaway!
Ann G.

The Saunders Family said...

I like the spiked would go with so much! and in the aligator clip since we don't have too much hair going on here

mom2maria at hotmail

jessica s. Indiana

AmandaSue said...

I like the Spring Fling Flower (Felt) with the no slip clip.

piece of me said...

I love the Clip Value Pack 2 with the Baby No-Slip for my little one who has little hair.

Angela said...

I'm having a baby girl in December and I love this site. I love the pretty pearls. I would need the no-slip clips.

Angela O., Louisiana

Lisa said...

I like the ribbon headbands! I think they would be perfect for my 5 and 4 year olds.

Lisa N

The Lindsays said...

I loved the cheer bow and the blossoming bobby pins. My daughter is 4 and has pretty thick hair so I would probably get the larger barret sizes.

Alicia L, UT

Amy said...

Spike pinwheel with a no slip clip. My girl has waist length hair, but it's nearly impossible to get a clip, bow, or pony holder that won't fall out in 5 minutes. Love the fabric button pony o's!

April Meek said...

Hard to pick just one! I love the spring fling flower for tots. I would probaly need the no slip.

Apil M.

Roberta F. CA said...

I loved the Dior 3 color bow with the no slip for my daughter as she has super fine hair, thanks.


Jenny said...

I love the candy corn bow! So cute. The alligator clip would probably work best. Thanks!


tystrishy said...

I love the fabric button bobby pins. My four year old has a wicked cow lick that forces most of her hair to lie on her face. I'm always looking for cute clips to pin that crazy hair to the side.

Tricia L., TX

Seeryus Mama said...

I like the little graduate in pink paisley with brown and pink dots. Too cute!! The Alligator clip works best for us, Pea tends to leave them in better.

Sky S.

- Marybeth I. said...

Printed Streamer with the pony o clip

Heather R said...

I love the rosebud baby snappies in any ribbon pattern.

Heather said...

Oh my, the boys in our house would be thrilled if we won the Baby No-Slip Mini Bow in pink skulls! SO cute!

Lori said...

The duck clip! So cute that, like her Hallloween costume, my daughter would want to sleep in it. The no slip option is for her!

Lori Z. California

Jen said...

I love the spiked pinwheel with the no slip clip! My niece would love the multidot print! TOo cute!
mountaingoats at hotmail dot com

Brooke said...

I love Spring Fling Flowers in so slip!

Sara G said...

I love the hot pink flower button clip for my girls hair. THey are almost one and have LOADS of hair, so I think the clips would work great! Thanks!
Sara G., UT

Leni said...

I think the Itty Bitty Blossom Baby No-Slip would be great for different outfits!
Leni T. Texas
elieat [at] hotmail [dot] com

Ma Val said...

I adore the Dragonfly Clip with no slip. What a nice selection, it was hard to choose a favorite. Thanks.

Mist V. WI.

Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I like the Pretty Princess with the No Slip clip!


Xenia S said...

What great clips! I would choose the Light Pink 2.0" Single Flower on a No Slip clip for my 2-year-old, it would be so cute on her!


Christina Coleman said...

I love the bows!!! So cute, they would be great for my 2 month old baby girl! I love the Sheer Flower Baby Snappie best :)


Cara said...

So cute! I love the Go buckyees lil grduate with the No slip clip!

Cara Ohio

Bettina said...

I need the snappies for my nearly bald baby! I love the orange flower design!

Bettina W, Texas