Sunday, August 31, 2008


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May Day Studio Designs

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Two Winners will each receive $15 certificate to spend any way they choose!

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Every shopper who spends over $15 will receive free shipping during the week of the give away! All shipping will be refunded after purchase through paypal

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*Go to and check these cute accessories out.
*Come back here and leave me a comment at the end of this post.
*Kristen wants to know:
1. Which clip collection is your favorite?
2. What color/designs would you like to see more of?

***Don't forget to leave your first name, last initial and state with your entry***

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*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, Sept. 7th, 9:00 pm (CST).
*I will randomly select winners and post it here first thing Monday (Sept. 1st) morning.
* Winners have 3 days to email me at to claim your prizes. (If you would like to be contacted, you can leave your email address with your entry or on your profile).

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Hélène said...

Robyn: I had to enter the link by hand. I think what you have still takes you to last weeks contest.

I like the sandbox collection. I really liked the design of the army clip, but didn't like the color, so I would like to see more designs of that.

Helene B., TX

The ZamFam said...

I have 2 favorite collections! They are both from the hair clips collections. The 1st one is the "bookworm" and the 2nd is the "london calling". Super cute!! As for colors, I would like to see more solid colors in all the designs. Even have some clips matching the Gymboree lines. Thanks for sharing this website!
Becky Z., Utah

Becca W, TX said...

Love the Piggy Pony clips!

jennyd said...

Wow, I love these bright, fun designs! Hard to choose a fav, but I love the bright colors, and the use of the felt for flowers. Also like the buttons you've used. I think I'd like to see more pink & brown combos as my daughter has several dresses with pink and brown, and it's kind of the fall trendy thing, so she'd get the most use out of those colors.

Maren said...

i dont know if this is good or bad to be the first to comment.

for me, the bigger the bow or flower the better!! i love the big chunky flowers. and i am a fan of the headbands with the ribbon to attach different blows to. love them!

maren u. AZ

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Wow! I love them all. I really couldn't pick a favorite becuase they literally all were. Such cute clips. I think you do a really good job at using a large variety of colors. There is something for any and everyone. Great shop.

Rebecca F -IA

jenny said...

wow how cute thay all are and well i be happy to have any one of them thanks but well since i can olny pick one ok here it go's as to my pick piggypony clips midnght walk grate colors in them thanks once again

jamie t. said...

I love the collections that come with coordinating clips. I also like the clips with jewels. I would like to see some larger clips, as my daughter has thick curly hair.

Jamie T. Oregon

Anonymous said...

Loved them all...I just came from the mall trying to find a last minute hair clip for my daughter to start kindergarten tomorrow and came home empty handed...the red persian buttercup was my favorite...would love to see something in a "raspberry" color...only because that's the color I was searching for today.

Shauna R. Michigan

Anonymous said...

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September 1 - 13

First Prize: Hot Chocolate Dress from Emberlish

Second Prize: Chocolate Orange Lil Grubby Candle from The Soap Maker's Shop

Cara said...

wow! your stuff is so cute! I love the flower headbands with the huge flowers on them! Might just have to get one for my daughter!


Uniquely Yours said...

I love her dreamsicle collection. Thanks!

Jaclyn said...

I love the bookworm collection! And I would love to see more just flower clips. So adorable! I love them!

Jaclyn S, AZ

Anjanette said...

African safari is just the sweetest!!

Beam Family said...

I liked London Calling, Treasure Hunt, and Girls Best Friend (sorry there were too many cute ones to just pick one). I would like to see more silver, brown, or neutral colors that can go with lots of outfits (like Girls Best Friend).

Wendy C.

eliza said...

I like the flower clips, and I love the grey (or silver?) piggy ponies. I would like to see more of just the flowers. Cute stuff, my daughter would love these!

Eliza H., Texas

Jmons said...

I like the pink and white polka dot pony clips. I would love to see more headbands.

Suzie Bean said...

They are all really really cute. I would love to try them out on my daughter.

Amy said...

I'm a fan of the solid colors, love the big flower hair clips!
Amy H. VA

I Do Faces said...

YAY my birthday is May Day!!!
I really like the london calling collection!! And thre american safari is so cute, maybe you should add some cheetah print to the safari collection!!
-Tasia K. AZ

Rebekah said...

the peachy keen piggy pony clips are my fav. i'd like to see more pink/brown combos.

rebekah g, ut

Becky said...

I love the london calling clips. All of her stuff is adorable, though!

Gina Lee said...

My favorite was the piggy pony clips - pink polka party. My daughter is 8 months old and I can only fit two small piggies on her head but the little bows make the piggies so adorable. I would like to see more clips in black, white, and hot pink. Super Cute!

Gina M.

Tara said...

I like the bitty clips - sun-kissed. Very sweet.

Samantha said...

I absolutely love London Calling. I have a niece who loves to have "pretties" in her hair, so I think every design is great. I would like to see a little bit bigger clips for thicker hair.

Samantha O.

Anonymous said...

1. Which clip collection is your girlfavorite? bitty clips - material

2. What color/designs would you like to see more of?
American indian designs
clenna E in NH

Whimsical Creations said...

My favorite are the flower hair clip - fuschia persian buttercup and hair clip collections - simple elegance. Cute shop!

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

windycindy said...

Hi, I like the "Fall Ball" and
"Tumble Bumble" Hair Clip Collections. Maybe, there could be more felt hair clip collections. Thanks, Cindi

Meg said...

I really love the bookworm collection--great colors. I am not a huge fan of bright pinks and purples. The colors in these are classy yet still cute enough for a little girl. Thanks!

Meg T California

sara said...

I am in love with the flower clips...I love, love, love the white peony clips.
As for what I'd like to see more of...hmmmmm...everything was darling....I guess I'd like to see you offer the lace headbands. I like those better...they look more dainty, I think!

Sara F., KY

layla said...

Very cute accessories! I liked the Simple Elegance and Bookworm Collections. As cheesy as it is, I'd like to see more light and dark pinks. Or maybe some pink with chocolate brown.

janetfaye said...

bitty clips - sun-kissed are my favorite. is my favorite.

I would love to see more kiddie designs like animals or alphabet.

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

The Lindsays said...

I loved the large persian posie flower clips...I have an older girl and those would be beautiful in her big ponytails. It's also a different flower than you see all the other little girls wearing these days.

I loved the girly hair clip-army days...I wish you had more of these larger bows and sold them in pairs because I love to put that size of bows in my daughters piggies/buns. Great collection.
Alicia L., UT

Anonymous said...

I like the big flower clips. I could see using them with an updo.
I would like to see deeper, richer colors- like burgundy, navy, etc. I love the bright colors, but something a little more subtle, I could get more mileage out of.
Laura D
Kandern, Germany
mrsdeclercq at sbcglobal dot net

musson said...

This was one of the harder decisions to make.... But my favorite is the London Calling. Too cute!! I think more headbands would be beneficial. For people who have kids that are lacking in the hair department (mine for example).

Laura Lee M - Ohio

Nikki said...

I love all the clips made from felt. How cute!!!
Nikki H.

Mary said...

I like the London Calling clip set and i really love the flowers so I'd like to see more ways to wear and style with them.

Angi said...

I love the new bitty clips and the sandbox collection. I think the clips with buttons are originally cute. I would also like to see more solid colors.

Angi R.

the mama hood said...

I love the silk flower clips collection! I would love to see more of her adorable headbands, and also more just white designs because they match more outfits, especially for church. I am really lovin' her designs a lot!

kenzkween at hotmail dot com

Christine said...

I love the brown hair clips, so cute!
Christine M. Idaho

Andrea V IL said...

I love the bitty clips - material girl, these would look great on my daughter. I would like to see more solid primary colors.

Lindsey said...

I loved all the felt flowers. Those are just darling and I love the many choices in colors. Girly colors are always fun. I loved the cherry limeade felt flower clip. Just darling!

Lindsey M. Utah

noreen said...

hair clip collections - bow re me
noreen l

Moments said...

Such cute stuff!!! I liked so many of them, but especially treasure hunt, bookworm & dreamsicle. I would echo some of the others and say that I would like to see more in solid colors and even some all white ones.

Lyndi N. in Wyoming

April Meek said...

I love the halloweenie set!!! Also love the summer crush set! I would like to see anything with buttons and polka dots.


Katie said...

Love the Fall ball and cherry zebra. Cute stuff.

Katie W.

Roxy said...

I love the Tumble Bumble hair clips collection.

I'd love to see holiday colors for sure. Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, 4th of July.

Beki said...

I like the Bow Re Me collection. They are basic versatile clips with a little Oomph that come in a variety of colors so I could use them with multiple outfits.

I'd like to see more pinks and purples as those two shades along with light blue dominate my daughters wardrobe.

Seeryus Mama said...

The Bitty Clips are my favorite!! The are so bloody cute, I just oohed and ahhed over them!!

As for what I'd like to see, I think there is a really good selection to choose from, and maybe just holiday color combos. There were some orange and black, but some Christmas clips would be great!

Overall I think that these clips and bows are great looking! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Sky S.

- Marybeth I. said...

Love love love love love London calling. the colors and the embellishments are too cute. It is nice to see something different than the norm. Of course I love pink too. marybeth i. NC


I love the piggy pony sets. but really they are all super cute. I guess I would like to see more of the flower headbands.
corine c. Lees Summit, MO.

gkstratos said...

The Sandbox Collection is my favorite.

Ginny said...

I love the piggy pony clips - jewel of the nile

Dani' said...

I like the London Calling Hair Clip collection and I would like to see more green shades.

Jacob, Kelly, Austin and Chase said...

I love these clips. I thought they were all very cute but my favorite colors where the bookworm hair clips.
Kelly P., IA

dcala said...

I love the piggy pony clips. I would like to see more in the pink/brown and blue/brown collection. I love those combinations.

M said...

Okay so they are so adorable. They really are. I think I would use all of them but anything that is mostly white is always what I tend to buy. Then I can match it to a million outfits.

~Michelle E, Utah

shauni said...

I love the huge flower clips and interchangable headbands. The flowers are so fun and girly!

Shauni F. Iowa

Anonymous said...

piggy pony clips - jewel of the nile are my favorite!

I would like to see more "Punky" designs


Tiffany and Justin said...

They were all very cute! I really liked the pink and white headband.
I would like to see more shades of pink.