Sunday, June 8, 2008

Micki's Wing

Giveaway for June 9th - June 15th

Feature Presentation:

Micki's Wing

"I offer baby carriers and cloth diapering accessories"

Up for Grabs:
$30 to spend any way your heart desires!

Here's one example- LOVE the fabrics.

Special Offer for Everyone:
Free shipping for the month of June to anyone that mentions the giveaway (within the US).

How to Win:

*Visit her site at and take a peek.

*Come back here and leave me a comment at the end of this post.

*Christine wants to hear:
What is your favorite product?


Crunch Time:
*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, June 15th, 9:00 pm (CST).
*I will randomly select winners and post it here first thing Monday (June 16th) morning.
* Winners have 3 days to email me at to claim your prizes. (If you would like to be contacted, you can leave your email address with your entry or on your profile.)

Next Giveaway:
Begins Monday, June 16th. Hint: Occasionally Social.

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CJW's folks said...

I like the autumn ring sling!
Jean W
Kenmore, WA

Hélène said...

My favorite is the mei tai. I would get that in a flash.

Helene B.


windycindy said...

Evening! What a fantastic site she has. I love the "Ring Sling Autumn Textured Sling!" Please enter me in your delightful contest drawing.
Many thanks, Cindi

Jessie said...

I love the mini wetbags. I want one (or two)!

Jessie P., Utah

M said...

I am very intrigued by the baby wrap. The girl in the wrap looked older, like it could support an older child or a baby. Maybe she'll want to clarify that on the website. I really liked it.
~Michelle E, Utah

Anonymous said...

the mini wet bag is a great idea. you never know when you're going to need it, and it's small enough to carry with you. I like the prints too :)

JenO said...

I like the diamond ring sling! I have a wrap and have been wanting to try a ring sling.

nifferjeno at gmail dot com

Jenn O in OR

Sarah and John Root said...

I love the Mei Tei abc in earth. So cute and fashionable. I would love to carry my little boy around in one!

Sarah R.

Bunny B said...

I love the sage baby wrap!

-Bunny B

Anonymous said...

I love the pink baby wrap - but the wet bags are great.
Clenna E. from NH

laura said...

I like the regular wetbag. Thanks! Laura C, WA.

Anonymous said...

The Ring Sling- Orange Textured is really pretty. I would want that....

Michelle H

Brooke said...

I love the mini wetbags.
Brooke H. Louisiana

Sweetpeas said...

The wet bags look like a great design.

Christine said...

I love the earth Mei Tai. I have one, but would definitely get a new one with earth tones, mine is too bright. :)
Christine M. Idaho said...

I love Regular wetbag - Blue Hawaiian print but would love to see more regular size wetbags in boy colors.
Stephanie V., CA
tvollowitz at aol dot com

Melisa said...

I love the mini wet bags! Great for those little accidents.

Melisa T

Shelly said...

I love the mini wetbags in pink and lime prints

bethany said...

I love the wet bags-they are such a great idea!!
Beth, Phoenix, AZ

Anonymous said...

I like the ring sling. I have never had a sling for my 3 kiddos, and it sounds like it's a must-have. I also like the wet bags--especially the blue hawiian print. Jenny D., Colorado

Anonymous said...

I love the ring slings/wrap. They are so cute and would work great for my baby! Thanks
Jodell K MN

Andrea said...

I like the regular size wet bag (not sure the size though) because I really need one, or the mei tei wrap in the abc's. Cute stuff. Thanks.

Cuddle Cottage said...

She has some lovely stuff and some adorable fabrics! I think the red batik aromatherapy hot or cold compresses look like a neat idea, especiallly for breastfeeding moms.
Belinda A.

Joanna said...

I liked the baby wraps!

Joanna H.

Hiatt Family said...

I like the regular wetbag best.
-Anjane' H., Arizona

Just.Me said...

Christian Dior Lady Dior Avenue Handbag
Beverly C Arkansas

Karin said...

I love the Mei Tai ABC (Asst stripes).
Karin D., Idaho

Kristinia said...

I like the Springtime print wipes wetbag and the ring sling in Purple batik! Very pretty!

Kristinia C. VA

Uniquely Yours said...

Love the reuseable nursing pads.

Shay T. SC

LINDA said...

I love the autumn sling' handy and cute!
Linda P.
Rome, Iowa

Michele said...

Actually, my favorite product is the one shown in the blog post. My second favorite is the Springtime Print Wetbag.

Michele R. (CA)

Channah said...

I love the mini-wet bags. I was given a wet bag by someone as a gift, and I love it - I quick put blow-out outfits in it so that they don't soil the rest of the diaper bag.

Anonymous said...

What a great site. I thought my 18-month-old was too old to be carried in a wrap, so it was wonderful to see that she still can be! I love keeping her close to me like that. I'd get a wrap for sure, and while I was at it, a few wet bags... again, great products on a great site.
Penny M., CA

kaylee8 said...

Love the sunshine baby wrap - perfectly name with the bright colors!
Kathy C., MO

calgirl said...

Ring Sling - Orange Textured

Heather said...

I like the first Mini wetbags listed - assorted prints. Colorful and eyecatching!

Heather C, FL

elena said...

I like mei tai,
elena c,MN

skipthelaundry said...

I like the assorted small wetbags which have so many uses.
Amber P KY

Anonymous said...

My favorite product is the mei tai in the fall colors... brown, rust, cream, etc. It's very hip!

Lisa M.

klp1965 said...

i love the Ring Sling - Autumn Textured :)

Samantha P said...

i love the Christian Dior Lady Dior Avenue Handbag