Sunday, June 1, 2008


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Giveaway for June 2nd - June 8th 2008

Feature Presentation:


"About Your Time LLC is the publisher of BusyBodyBook organizers all featuring the award winning Weekly GRID - the simple, spacious and efficient column format helping thousands of busy moms plan and coordinate their hectic multiple schedules 'side by side'."

Up for Grabs:

*Two winners will each receive the Aug 08 - Sept. 09 academic planner, each worth $17.95.

Winners choose either of these hip cover designs:

Polka Dots


*This entry is open to all US and Canada residents.

How to Win:

*Visit their site at and be inspired to get organized!

*Come back here and leave me a comment at the end of this post

*Joan wants to hear:

Any feedback you have about the products or the site.


Crunch Time:

*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, June 8th, 9:00 pm (CST).

*I will randomly select winners and post it here first thing Monday (June 9th) morning.

* Winners have 3 days to email me at to claim your prizes. (If you would like to be contacted, you can leave your email address with your entry or on your profile.)

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Croft Family said...

The products look great. I love the disign and the grid idea is fabulous. I really like the one for the fridge.

Kari C. UT

PS Robyn the website is not
I found it through google

Jessie said...

Sorry, I forgot to add my info!

I said...

The link is actually

I LOVE the fridge grid pad. What a fun way to stay organized!

Jessie P., UT

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

I am always up for anything that will help me stay organized. The covers are cute. The website was confusing. I wanted to see products and it just kept taking me to other websites. But I am also not the most computer savy person.

Rebecca F. -IA

Anonymous said...

Wow.The academic one is a great one for busy moms! So many different kinds on that site. And hubby thought I was over organized. There is so much more to organize!

Thanks for the chance. I find that organization makes life so much less chaotic. I'd rather take the time to plan!

Cheryl K.

Brooke said...

I really liked how professional the website looked. It was also very easy to navigate.
Brooke H. Louisiana

kailani said...

I love how Busy Body Book keeps you organized but I would really like it if it came in pink!

anislandlife at gmail dot com

NIKKI said...

I can always use something that organizes me! :)

Matt & Heidi said...

I love the organizers! They are hip but not too loud.

Heidi M.

Greta said...

My dis-organized self could definitely use this! I love the scroll one :)

Greta C., AL

skcoe said...

Really great design for moms! The colums will come in VERY handy with everything my kids have going, down to the very last doctors appointments!

The site was clean and easy to use, and I liked that the most important info was right on the main page.

Sheryl C., Lehi UT

Anonymous said...

Love the organizers... especially the fridge one. Great covers on the smaller ones too.

Nikki H.

windycindy said...

Happy Monday! These planners/
calendars are wonderful. I like the grid format and the fact that you can have a personal and family calendar.
The spare columns would come in handy,also! Please enter me in you contest drawing. Many thanks,Cindi

RealEstateGirl said...

I could not be more IN NEED of this organizer! I work two jobs (Realtor and Guidance office at the school), have a son going off to college and try to keep the house together!

Please enter me!

The Melo's said...

What a clever idea, life is so much easier for me if I can see everything laid out on paper, then I don't forget nearly as much! You are geniuses!

Kate M. MI

Suzie Bean said...

Keeping me organized keeps me going. I loved the fridge grid pad! Is the whole thing a magnet? The designs are neat too.
Suzie B., Iowa

Anonymous said...

i love things that help me organize our busy lives since i am hour families full time secretary *laugh*

April L., Indiana

momma_j9 said...

Great idea!

I like the polka-dot one. :-)

Janine H. Wichita KS

Sharla said...

What a great idea! We could really use one of these. I really liked the fridge pad because it was magnetic, and undated. I'd love to win but might have to buy one of these. ;) I do wish that I could have found how much shipping was somewhere. Thanks!
Sharla C, Utah
sharlacarbine at gmail dot com

Christine said...

I think they are so cute. Love them.
Christine M. Idaho

Ashley said...

I love organizational products....and the covers are really cute! I like the Polka Dots cover especially!

Good Luck!
-Ashley R., Iowa

judygr64 said...

I like the products a lot. The grid format seems like it would be very useful and the covers are fun.

Judy G.


Jenn in GA said...

this idea is really boss! i like that each family member has her/his own column, and that it's offered in several sizes. i have a friend i'm going to refer to this site because she has 3 kids' schedules to manage, besides hers and her husband's!

the covers for the portable ones are cool too!

Jenn N., GA

Anonymous said...

Nice notebook. I really like the weekly grid format! How about doing a pink color for us mom with girls? :)

Shelly P.
Huntersville, NC

Kira Joy said...

I always hate planners because they look old man-ish...but these are so cute! You have thought of everything, I tried to think of things I would add, but then I looked at the list of features and you included every single one!

Excellent work!

Kira S.

Joanna said...

Wow! I desperately need one of these now that my kids are becoming involved in more things and my brain doesn't function any longer! I love the styles of all of them! Polka-dots are my favorite!

Cuddle Cottage said...

Neat planners. This is one mom who needs all the organizational help she can get . . . I love the magnetic undated fridge grid.

Ginny said...

I like the grids for each family member. I had a wall calender like that, but would prefer one I could carry. These planners look great, I really liked them when I came across the site last year as well. Would love one that is for new school year! Ginny B Michigan

I Do Faces said...

PLEASE pick me hahaha This is just what I need. I carry my planner with me everywhere and I really can't function without it, but it actually ends in August so I NEED a new one!!
I love the cover designs, but I wish there were more choices and also maybe time slots for each day!!
Tasia B. Arizona

Lee and Will Herrin said...

How cute! I love to stay organized, and this product looks like just the ticket! I love the covers, and especially the fridge grid!

Precious Products!
Lee H.

Sara said...

Very cute designs! I need that one for the fridge, the one I have now is so blah.
Sara G.

Jayme said...

Brilliant idea for busy families. Love the cute covers and the idea of using them for kids and homework.

Jayme E.

Carr Family said...

What a great product, and they are so cute! Love them!!!

Tara C.

SJ said...

I absolutely love the idea behind BusyBodyBooks! They are hip and practical and have purpose! I need any organizational help I can get so I would love to have one of these!



Mollerup Madness said...

I love the busy body books!! Cute designs....I need something to keep me more organized!!

Haylee M.

Jenny said...

Oh wow - that would be so awesome to have space for everyone in the fam!

Jenny M - AL

Anonymous said...

I love the "look inside" feature on the website. The pages look versatile and organized enough to accomodate my busy mom schedule. Like the bright colors too! Thanks!----Colleen P in MA
cbeargie at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

These are neatly put together and practical. I really like the fresh look of the covers and the fonts. If I would just get stuff like this I know it would help me. Since my kids are preschoolers, I don't have all sorts of appointments for them all the time yet, but there are many things to keep straight and I could use these organizers! Jenny D., Colorado

Naomi said...

I love my BusyBody Book but my daughter spilled a vase of roses on it (happy mother's day!) and the cover go mildewy so I could use a new one...

Emily said...

I absolutely love the fridge pad! The planner would be nice too :) The site was organized and easy to navigate. More designs for the covers of the books would be fun. I'd love to get one... I've been feeling a need to be more organized!
Emily R, Utah

Dooneybug said...

I have always wanted to use one of these since I first saw them. They look so chic on the outside and I love the spiral bound so that you can have a flat laying, one sided page in front of you. I'd love to win one but if I don't I might just have to buy one!

Dooney B. - MN

julie said...

Hello...i so have adhd and need this to organize my crazy life...did I mention I teach special the styles..very chic
julie e. florida
3beez at bellsouth dot net

Sweetpeas said...

Great format! I love the fun colors/patterns of these planners!

Betsy said...

I would love to win one! I really like the wall calendars with the big squares so you can write in them!

Betsy R.

Wendy said...

These are so up my alley! My planner goes everywhere with me and I really like the grid style planners. The fridge grid would be great to use for a calendar or a chore chart. I hope I get picked :)

Wendy C.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for organization...just what we need for our busy lifestyles!

Thelma R - CO

Wendy said...

Busy Body Books are just about the most intelligently-designed organizers I've ever seen. The bookmark and pockets are great features, but what really does it for me are the removable shopping lists.

Of course, the hip, fun design is pretty awesome, too. :)

Wendy S - South Carolina
barefootmomlady at gmail dot com

Erin said...

With four kids and a husband who travels, I definitely could use this kind of planner!

Erin K - CO

Adam and Laura said...

I love that the portable planner is slim but has pockets... love it!
Laura D

stampedwithgrace said...

being a homeschool mom of seven and one who is always trying to stay organized, this looks great! so pick me :)

Rach said...

I need it! I love the format and its easy to see just what everyone has scheduled on a particular day. The website was easy to navigate and pretty straight-forward.

Rachael K, UT

Deanne said...

I love the simple and clean look of the grid design. I love having space to list different family member's activities. I especially the space labeled "to doodles", since I do this anyway, but just have lots of loose paper laying around! Great design.

Deanne D.

Katie said...

oh I love the fridge grid pad.

Katie W. KY

The Lindsays said...

I like the idea, but I think it was still missing something that would keep me from double booking things. I like the grid idea to keep track of each of the kids stuff, like homework, etc. But I would still like a schedule section broken down by time so that I wouldn't double book appointments, etc. My favorite is the smaller book so I could take it with me when I'm running around.
Alicia L, UT

Michelle said...

This book is everything I have been looking for in a day planner; thin, calendar, doodle space and cute! Just fantastic! The site was easy to navigate, too.

Michelle G.

Angela said...

Those are fantastic! I love the striped one. The site is so clean and easy to navigate and I love that they even give a sample page to show how it works!

laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm an organization freak and would totally love having one of your organizers for this coming school year as it will be my first year as a full-time teacher. I love the funky colors and the streamlined design. Great products!

Lisa M.

kristen said...

so adorable! i love anything and everything to help me stay organized. i think the covers are totally selling this product! very creative!
kristen t. ma

Marlene said...

THe BusyBody Book would be awesome for PTA's to sell because you can organize a family in it.

I like the Busy Body booke because I am a tacher with a busy schedule.

The books are really pretty as well!

Andelin said...

i like the patterns.

Bethany A. AZ

the4moyers said...

I really like this organizer and the fact that it is so stylish is a huge plus! Thanks for offering this!
Tanya M., California

Anonymous said...

They have some great organizational helps! I am completely loving that floral organizer which is due out for next year. That's fabulous!
Elizabeth M. from MI

Tara said...

I love the fridge organizer.

Tara R
Saskatchewan, Canada

cathy said...

I am more of a schedule organizer than a calendar follower, so this would be perfect for me! Love the stylish covers, too.

Cathy E.
Colorado Springs, CO

Anonymous said...

I am an organizer freak, so pick me! pick me! I love the stripes.
Teresa H. Louisiana

Stephanie said...

I love the funky desgns all of the busybooks have! Great stuff!
Stephanie J.

Sierra & Ryan said...

This product is definately for me. I love to organize, make notes, to do lists...etc! Plus they are very cute and stylish, so its even better! I love the product! The site was easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

laura said...

Sorry, I didn't follow the rules... so I'm deleting my old comment, and making this one with my name/state:

I really like the site and the organizers! The grid is great, for keeping everyone in the family on-track. And the downloads for calendar pages are great!! Would love to try one of these. Thanks for the chance. Laura C, WA. laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

Amber said...

These are all fabulous! This would really help out with our scheduling. I was trying to do that myself with calendars but had WAY too many calendars going. The Fridge Grid pad is wonderful but I like the notebooks better b/c of portability. And the designs are all right up my ally. So I would be happy with any of them.
What a great idea!!

~Tami said...

I've been wanting one of these, but have been short on cash.

Annie said...

The grid design is something I have needed and been waiting for for so long! These organizers are awesome. They are very functional and still have style. I love the retro designs and think that anyone could use these--young or old.

You've also made some great strides to help families stay organized as well.

Thanks for making a hectic life more organized!

Cindy & Rob said...

Very neat design. I think it's a great idea and very helpful. I would suggest on the website to allow people to click on an image and view it larger. It helps sometimes to view things larger. :) Strange, I know.
Anyway, I would love the stripes calendar. It's a great product and a wonderful idea.
Cindy T, SLC Utah

twatkins said...

Love this planner. The only thing I would change would be to add a few more colors/desings for the covers.
Tiffany W Utah

jul2212002 said...

Need some organizing help! I love the styles, and I think there should be more of them!

Karen said...

I LOVE the Stripe organizer. I agree with everyone--being organized is so important and makes life so much more fun, I think!!!
Karen R.

jassmg2024 said...

Organization is the key to a stress free life!

Anonymous said...

I love organizers, so this is right up my alley. I also like how it seems small enough to fit in my purse, and it always helps to have a cute design!
Sue S. Texas

Aubrey said...

I like the dot design!
-Aubrey B. Utah
byubabe14 at yahoo dot com

Rockin' Mama said...

I really like the floral design for the weekly calendar. We use an online calendar because my husband is a techie but I cannot get used to it. I like a traditional paper calendar where I can see everything I need to do.

Caryn B
jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

Mary512 said...

I love the floral print. Cool planners, what a great way to stay organized. --Mary S., TX

michelle said...

I love the colors of your website. They are lovely. And I could really use one of these. I like the stripes

Michelle T from California

Joanne Kennedy said...

Wow! Great products. I love the polka dot one.

I would love to join in your give away.

I'm having a give away over at my blog too if you are interested.

Joanne K

Michele said...

What a great idea! Hey, anything to help me stay organized I'm going to love! I just wish they had more cover designs to choose from, but that's my only negative to say about the product. I think it's a great idea, and I like the one for the fridge, too. I'd love to have a shabby chic light pink, ivory and aqua one!!!

Michele R.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I just finished my first year of teaching and I love having academic calendars. It suits me better than a regular calendar.

JenO said...

Love the wall calender, and I love the designs and colors you've chosen. Altho maybe some solids would be good if you want the business folks to use them, too. (well, men in general for that matter, maybe just offer it in black for the drab folks out there ;)

Emilie said...

I would love to win this for my sister. While I still have a busy schedule, it is nothing compared to hers. She has three kids and another on the way. Two are school age. This would be perfect! Thanks!

Connie said...

My daughter needs some help. She really needs more organization in her life!

chris said...

love the polka dot busy body book but the fridge grid looks great too

Jo said...

Very nice website; easy to navigate. My only question is if the planner also has each moth in addition to the weekly spread; that is always nice.
JoAnne S., IN

Marcia said...

I really like the clean look of their site and the colors give it a nice touch. Plain black and white sites are boring to me. The gray on the outside is a nice calm shade.

learningmama at yahoo dot com

EJW said...

I love the idea to put a dinner column - a great help on making a shopping list, plus everyone can help chip in on cooking if they know the menu!

Stacy said...

Any help getting me organized would be great.

Panjo Kids said...

I love the simple designs, and easy to use grid.

Kimberly said...

I have two busy kids and a busy husband and I can never keep track of things. My desk is filled with Post It notes!

I love the fridge grid. That is handy! It keeps the information right there front and center for all to see since everyone uses the fridge several times a day.

Kimberly V.
New York
HunnyV "at" Optonline "dot" net

michelle said...

I have always wanted one of these. Day planners are the one thing that I fail at. I could really use one like this that is easily identifiable amidst all of the other stuff on my desk. I really like the striped one.

michelle at northofthe49 dot com

kaylee8 said...

Love the color and pattern suggestions and the different tips for staying organized
Kathy - Missouri

gkstratos said...

We're a family of five and I'm always on the lookout for a better organizational system. I love the Fridge Grid Pad. The fact that it's also magnetic makes it so much more versatile. Thanks!!

LisaW said...

I really love the fun, classy looks for such practical organizers!

Cherry Blossoms said...

I love the website and I would love to be more organized! These books are adorable!
Kiley S. Virginia

gunzie said...

I love the striped one, really nice. I didn't like the website to much, when you click on the organizer, it immediately puts it in the cart, I just wanted to see it bigger. Thanks for the great giveaway!
Ann G.
ann dot guns at mac dot com

haylee said...

I love your designs and I would love to have my very own busy body book. I've always used Franklin Covey stuff, but the refills are soooo expensive. This would be great for me!

misty said...

I love the fact that it comes with personal and family calendar. I love the crisp, clean look. And I wish there was one on pink. lol. Thanks so much for the opportunity.


Sandy M said...

I've been wanting one of these for a while now. The busy body book would help me keep up with my life which seems very chaotic and unorganized right now.

beckyray said...

The striped organizer is great! I would love to carry this cute and totally functional piece!
Becky R. MI

Julie said...

All of a sudden I need this so bad! My 4 yr old has playdates/soccer/t-ball etc!!

NateAndJakesMom said...

I am all about getting organized but need something purty to help be get going! This is so nice, stylish and looks so user friendly!!

Kari A.
Southern California

nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

CJW's folks said...

I love the simple design. Maybe pages that can add/remove?

Jean W
Kenmore, WA

PS said...

I love that they are actually fun looking! I've seen other books like this but they are always BORING, drab, and NO fun! These are great!!

silly said...

i love to be organized, especially with 3 sons under the age of 3 and a 1/2. I loved the fridge grid pad.

Priscilla P. TX

Neen said...

With school letting out at the end of this month and all of my kids activites this couls come in so handy!

melonkelli said...

The organizer is so awesome! I like the grid layout.

kelli c.

Tif said...

I love the dots! And I was just thinking I need to get more organized! I would add more colors, but the green dots are great for me!
Tif Michigan

Lisa said...

I love the dots! Gread idea. The columns make so much sense. And I always love a bookmark feature in my planner. I usually just rip the corners off the bottom pages to mark where I am. :o

Sharla said...

I love the calendar for the fridge, my family needs that. And I think their designs are really cute.

Samantha P said...

my mom has one of these planners and she loves it, i hope i win so i can get organized!

musson said...

A cute way to become organized. I LOVE IT!!! When it comes to get a new organizer I can never find any cute ones. I know where to look now.

Laura Lee M. - Iowa

Bree said...

I love how clean the designs are!

Elizabeth said...

I love the fridge grid!

Elizabeth M.
Washington State

klp1965 said...

count me in please :)for the polka dot one :)

Sue G said...

I love STRIPES! These are so great! I love them all! Sue G Kentucky

bison61 said...

I also think the wall calendar is nice, each person has their own space for events and activites

tiramisu392 (at)

Amira M said...

I love the products and the website. it is easy to find what i am looking for. the idea of a wall calender is nice. I would like to see a 12 month calender that is dry erase.

amira m.

cmp said...

Love the layout of the pages!

Kristinia said...

I love the whole grid concept, the wall calendar concept with the columns, I love having space to write things in on a day to day basis! It helps me to keep reminded of the days events/what happened. Very useful!

Kristinia C. VA (virginia)

jamietonks said...

I also love the columns for each family member. I can't live without a planner and I love your cute patterned covers. It is hard to find something that is organized on the inside and looks great from the outside!


Anjanette said...

I love the Fridge Grid. I've been using MomAgenda, but this would be a great way to have a family schedule for all to see.

Love the designs!!

Anjanette W.

Anonymous said...

I would love the fridge magnet. It is so great to have something for each member of the family.

Paula S.

Jenna said...

What an awesome thing to get organized! Being a mom there's just soo much to keep track of and I love the columns for each person of the family and theres lots of room to write things in.
I like the stripes design best! Thanks for such a great giveaway.