Sunday, May 11, 2008

***This Giveaway is now closed**

Giveaway for May 12th - May 18th, 2008

Feature Presenation:

"The Black Cloister", by Melanie Dobson

"I write inspirational fiction, and my third novel, The Black Cloister, is a suspense story about a woman who travels across Germany to find answers about her mysterious past. My other novels are Going for Broke and Together for Good."

Up for Grabs:

Four lucky winners this giveaway! Each winner gets to choose any of her 3 novels.

Here's an endorsement of her latest book, The Black Cloister:

"What a story! From the moment I opened up The Black Cloister, I was hooked. This intense, well-crafted story will have you wondering long into the night."
--Linda Hall, Author or Shadows in the Mirror

How to win:

*Go to Melanie's site and view the video trailer featuring her new book, The Black Cloister. Note: If the trailer does not work or is too slow, just leave a comment stating which book you would want if you win.

*Come back here and leave a comment.

*Melanie wants to know:

*Does the trailer compel your readers to learn more about the book? If not, what would they change?
*If the trailer didn't work or is too slow, read the descriptions of her books and comment on which one you'd choose if you win.

**Don't forget to leave your first name, last initial and state with your entry**

Crunch Time:

*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, May 18th, 9:00 pm (CST).
*I will randomly select winners and post it here first thing Monday (May 19th) morning.
* Winners have 3 days to email me at to claim your prizes. (If you would like to be contacted, you can leave your email address with your entry or on your profile.)

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Anonymous said...

yes, it compels me to read it.
April L., IN

Hélène said...

The Black Cloister sounds intriguing. I would love to win it. I couldn't get the trailer to work for me, something about downloading plugins, but that didn't work when I tried.

Helene B, Texas

Noel said...

I love your website. The trailer for your book is also very intriguing, and the begining definitely made me want to read it. However, about two thirds of the way through it stopped flowing and almost left me feeling confused rather than looking forward to the book itself. I'm an avid reader and would love to read your books.

Noel B. Arizona

Joanna said...

The trailer for the book was wonderful and compelling. It really made me want to read the book. I'd love to win this giveaway!

Joanna H.

windycindy said...

Hello, I love this contest because I really enjoy reading! I would choose
"The Black Cloister" because it sounds like a great story line and suspense mystery! Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks,Cindi

michelle said...

So I watched the video, and I was definitely intrigued by it, but I felt the actual book description did more to tell what the story was about than the video trailer did. The trailer left me puzzled, the description made me say, "I want to read that!" That being said, I enjoyed the sense of building mystery from the video.

I read through all of the descriptions and liked the sounds of all three books. It would be a tough pick, but I would likely choose The Black Cloister or Together for Good.

michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

Mary512 said...

I would love to read 'The Black Cloister'. Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! --Mary S., TX

Audra Marie said...

I loved the trailer. It caught my attention and made me want to check out the book. :)

Thanks for a fun giveaway. :)

Audra S.

mom2boys said...

I couldn't get the trailer to work.
From the book details I'd choose
The Black Cloister. I love suspense
novels and this sounds like a great book. Thanks!

Bebemiqui said...

I liked the got me more interested in it.
Sara B. Colorado

Ashley said...

Your novel sounds very interesting! And for the record, I really liked your website, and the trailer was well-done! Even if I don't win this giveaway, I might just have to get my hands on a copy of your book anyways!
Good luck!

-Ashley R., Iowa

Smoochdog ~ said...

Yes the trailer is fantastic...very intreguing...drew me right in and made me want to read the book now!

Michelle S. from Boston, MA

Toystory said...

The Black Cloister - suspense and mystery are my favorites.

Kat Bryan said...

A slow dial-up connection and watching videos just doesn't seem to work. That said, I would like to win The Black Cloister. Thanks.

Danielle said...

SOunds like a great read! Thanks for the chance!
dansan826 at
danielle s. Cleveland, Ohio

ariane said...

i love the trailer the books seems very interesting too! hope i'll win! please count me in! thanks a lot! yanyan_140[at]yahoo[dot]com

kamewh said...

Great trailer! The Black Cloister looks like a real page turner and I would love the chance to win! Thank you for the giveaway!

Kam A.

Anonymous said...

The trailer was really good!I want to know what's going to happen! I would love to win The Black Cloister!

Wendy said...

The trailer definitely got me interested in the book, but it sounded a little too scary for me (I am very sensitive to suspense and violence). I think I would like Together for Good a little better.

Wendy C.

anne said...

I enjoy reading suspense and mystery novels. Your book sounds compelling and fascinating which appeals to me greatly. Thanks for this giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I thought the trailer was very well put together, professional, and I loved the music! I think good descriptions or teasers are just as good as something like this trailer, and I knew whether I wanted to read it or not by reading the teaser and having not seen the trailer. Great web site--love the look! I'm not big on fiction, but I think I'd probably like to win Together for Good of all of them. I remember Melanie from my days at Vanguard church, and I didn't realize she was a writer! Fun! And I loved reading their adoption story and learning more about David and Renee, also some people I know. Thanks!
Jenny D., Colorado

Heather said...

I did not really like the trailer that much. I thought it was strange to have a trailer for a book. The description was a lot better and made me want to read the Black Cloister. Also, the trailer was slow to download so it would go for a couple of seconds and then would stop and I would have to wait a couple of minutes for it to start again.

Heather S, OH

Tigerlilly said...

The problem with dial-up is that I dont have the patience to sit here and wait an hour for it to load up... but from reading the web site I am really interested in reading The Black Cloister!!

Christina D, Az

eliza said...

The trailer was awesome. It definitely caught my attention.
Eliza H.

Kristinia said...

WOW, this really makes this book exciting , great way to promote and advertise! I'd love to read this book and then I'd be sure to pass it on to my best friend, we both read the same books so we can have something to talk about! I'd love to win the Black Cloister!

Jill said...

The trailer was really good, it made me want to read it! Jill P. Texas

Dona Watson said...

Wow! Terrific trailer! Probably one of the best I've seen. Very compelling. It loaded and moved along just fine. Good job! Now there's another book to add to my list. :-)

Dona W.

Anonymous said...

I think your website is great. Very easy to navigate and professional looking. I was able to view the trailer and didn't really like it. I'm not a big fan of movie/book trailers that are suspenseful and a bit scary. That being said, I read the descriptions of your books and they all sound great. I'm an avid reader and would love to read Going for Broke.

Dana H, Texas

misty said...

The trailer was great. I'd like to read the Black Cloister.

Misty W.


skcoe said...

Looks really great, great idea to use a trailer! Hope I can read it for FREE...

Sheryl C, Lehi UT

Ivan Girl said...

sounds like a good read to me. :) hope to snag a copy of this book.

Frances Ivy M


Patty said...

I like the idea of the book trailer... it will be interesting to see whether this new marketing tool sells more books. I loved the style of this trailer, orange/yellow over black and white photos. It matched the book cover and pulled things together that way. I did feel like it was a little long.

Patty S.

squiresj said...

I would love to win The Black Cloister. Just what was written is enough to make me want to read it. In fact all her books were interested to read about. If I have to chose one book, I liked Together for Good as well.
J Squires -

squiresj said...

I forgot to live my State - I live in Missouri
J Squires - Missouri

Melody said...

Loved the music, loved the pictures and the movement. I would perhaps change the font. I was a little confused by the questions of where her father was and her mother were and how the jump worked to being consumed. Disconnect there.

Also, I wouldn't have known where she went and why there was a picture of an abbey if I hadn't already read the description of the book. Would be good to include these details.


Melody said...

I also forgot the state.

Melody P.

Carol G. said...

What a great idea to use a trailer to promote the book! Great music. Loved the use of questions to pique interest and the pairing the words "a way out" with the visual of entering a doorway. You definitely got my interest.

Anonymous said...

thought the trailer was great – well done – and very intriguing to the mystery of the novel – I wouldn’t change it at all (:

I am looking forward to reading her new book!

If I was to win I would want Going for Broke – since I already have her first book (:


Kari A.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was very inspiring and actually, although I am an avid reader, it made me wish it was also a movie! I also emailed the video to several friends, I think Melanie is an incredible author! Yea for good fiction!
Should I get selected in the random drawing, I would actually love to first read her previous book, Going For Broke.
Becca B.

Court said...

I couldn't get the trailer to play, but I am intrigued by the the description of The Black Cloiser. I don't read often, but when I find a good book I can't put it down. I would love to win this book and have the chance to add it to my library through your site. I am new to your site and love all the cool give a ways you have done. I will check back often. courtneyfisher09 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks Courtney F, Idaho

Brooke said...

Watched the trailer and I liked it. The only issue for me was the contrast between the description "Inspirational Fiction" and the suspense. I could totally go for a suspense novel - particularly one that conjures stolen children, but what's with the inspirational?

New York

Christine said...

I thought the trailer looked good! Love to read the newest one.
Christine M Idaho

Tara said...

I really liked the trailer and it does compel me to read the book!

taradawnrobertson at hotmail dot com