Saturday, March 15, 2008



Wahoo Stacy!! You just won a $30 shopping spree from Ear Candy! Lucky, lucky!

**To claim your prize, email me at by Wednesday!!**

Don't forget: Natalie is offering 15% off all items, even clearance pieces. To get your discount, leave her a message at her shop mentioning the giveaway and what item you would like to buy. She will reserve the piece for you and give you the discounted price. This offer is good through March 31st, 2008.



Anonymous said...

I would love one of these, it seems I can never get jars open when i'm trying to make dinner and I end up frusterated with a dented jar!

Brooke, Iowa

Anonymous said...

If I don't win one - I'm adding several of the openers to my stocking stuffers shopping list this summer.

Okay, for Jason: I LOVE the "proudly made in America" reference and the very clear guarantee. I DON'T like the "as seen on TV" icon placed boldly on the home page. Even though your product is probably wonderful (and I'll find out when I win one or buy one/several!) my experience has been that "as seen on TV" items aren't always as FABULOUS as the TV folks make them out to be. Unless someone I know has bought the item and says it's great, my gut reaction to "as seen on TV" is now (sadly, for good products like yours) "no, thanks."

That said - I still look forward to using the opener and supporting American made products!

Mariah H., CO

Micki said...

I think the site is very well done. Clear, to the point and no question is left unanswered.

I think it looks like a great product. I have problems on occasion with carpal tunnel and getting stuck lids open.

Christine D, UT

Anonymous said...

Jeanne B., Utah

I like the organized list of information. It is clear and easy to read. Jason should really use the pictures on this blog, though. After seeing all of the different bottle sizes, those pictures got me more excited than the pictures on the actual site.