Sunday, March 23, 2008


**This Giveaway is now to be announced soon**

Feature Presentation:

Wordcandy Vinyl Lettering

"Vinyl lettering is a fun and inexpensive way to add personality to any part of your home. The possibilities are endless! Whether it's a personlized quote for a bedroom wall, or a frame with your family name on it, I want you to LOVE anything that you order.

Vinyl lettering is easy to apply to just about any smooth surface. The lettering is perfectly spaced when you receive it. It can be removed using a little heat to pull it off (hair dryer works well) without damage to paint or your walls."

Up for Grabs:

Two winners will each win a $30 gift certificate to spend any way they please!!

Special offer for everyone:

**10% OFF and free shipping in March and all of April. Just mention the code GIVEAWAY!

Here are some things you can do with vinyl lettering:

**I LOVE how the lettering comes perfectly spaced for a clean, straight finish!**

How to Win:

*Visit Allie at and have fun designing your own space!
*Come back here and leave me a comment at the end of this post.
*Allie wants to know:
1. What item to do y'all just have to have!
2. Please share any ideas of suggestions about my site.


Crunch Time:

*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, March 30th, 9:00 pm (CST).

*I will randomly select winners and post it here first thing Monday (Mar.31st) morning.

* Winners have 3 days to email me at to claim your prizes.

Next Giveaway:
Begins Monday, March31st. Hint: a personal touch for your home!

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Naomi said...

I love the funky playroom alphabet.

You have tons of cool stuff but it's hard to navigate the site and figure out the pricing.

sara said...

Wow! Just Wow! I am totally impressed and have my fingers tightly crossed hoping that I win! I love the look and also love how it is already spaced for you since that is terribly hard to get right!
What do I just have to have? Hmmmm...let's see...I love the Giant initial. I love the child's name above the closet door. I love the definition of a child's name. I truly love all of it.
The site looks great. I wouldn't change it.
If I win, i think I might do a short prayer for my duaghter's nursery.
Sara F., Kentucky

JenO said...

I love "always kiss me goodnight" I also like "sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart". and the kids first and last names, I'm doing my nursery right now, so that's what's at the top of my mind!
The website looks great, altho I think soon you will need to have more than one page and sort things a bit more, so you don't have to keep scrolling and scrolling to look at stuff.

Thanks for hosting the gieveaway!
nifferjeno at gmail dot com

Katherine said...

I love the quote "Dull women have immaculate homes!" That one made me laugh out loud and elbow my husband on his computer next to me! My house is a wreck because I'm completely redoing the craft room!! Too funny! Would definitely get that quote and a huge M. Also - what about quotes for craft spaces? "Create", "Discover", etc. Just a thought. Love this whole concept!

Lilith Silvermane said...

I would LOVE the thing that says "I was brought up to believe that how I saw myself was more important than how others saw me"

My best friend is pregnant with her first child, a little boy, and I want to give him something that he will be able to carry with him, in his heart.

I have to agree that it is hard to navigate the costs on the site. An easier breakdown would be good for custom items.

Suzanne B., Colorado

windycindy said...

Happy Easter! Allie has a delightful site. The number of ideas with the vinyl letters is super! I like each and every one. The name tile, alphabet, name and and the name of the child in their room are a few of my favorites. I would probably go with my son's name in his bedroom!
Please enter me in this wonderful drawing. Thanks,Cindi

CJW's folks said...

Love the definition of boy - noise w/ dirt on it. =D
I'd recommend not using a blog format, rather a storefront, maybe Etsy?
Jean W

Anonymous said...

I love the giant initial in black with that leafy look to it. I am stoked to find out about something like this because I've had a few ideas for my home and didn't realize someone like you had this stuff out there! I love the names above the closets and the VARIETY of the sayings available. I really like the fonts you have chosen. The site is fine--I mean, it's a blog site so it'd be easier to navigate if it wasn't just one big long page, but I think that's just fine. I am so excited about this stuff!
Jenny D., Colorado

*Katie May* said...

I love it all! I would love to have an est.2001 type writing. I also love the bath one and the alligator.
Katie C.

Brooke said...

All I have to say is I love everything about this site! Such a creative mind, and the pricing is very reasonable. To be honest, it's hard to choose just one thing that I have to have. I do love the frames with the last names, and the piggy banks are adorable.
Brooke H. Louisiana

Erinne said...

I've always liked the frame with the child's name and meaning. I would like to do it for my kids.

The one thing that bothered me about your blog, was having to scroll forever. And I noticed your catalog repeats itself too (the reason for the length). I didn't realize til later that you have the catalog broken up into indvidual sections, listed up at the top of the blog, off to the right.

But I love the colors of your blog. Caught my eye right away!

Good job Allie!

LeaAnne said...

Like everyone else will be wishing..
I just LOVED every little thing! I would not change anything..At first I thought I could not see well..BUT when clicking on the words made the picture bigger!!
I LOVED the family Block Letter, and the *blessed is the home..*item! What I really would LOVE to get is the *Where there is great love* item..SO sweet! Iam going tell all my friends about this site! :D
(the longest comment ever!)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your site! My favorite is the huge capital "A" with the black photo frames of black & white photos. Awesome! I have marked this site as a favorite so I can come back to it when I get some much needed redecorating done.

Thanks, Mary T from Council Bluffs, IA

The Robinson Bunch said...

OH MY GOSH!! i just love the site!!....I love and just have to have the one that says "grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"...i too thought the site was great, but a little hard to navigate. Tiffany R, WDM, Iowa

Amy said...

Love the look of the site! I think it's easy enough to navigate, despite what a previous commenter mentioned. But, that's good- different eyes see different things.

I did notice that when you click on the Playrooms link the title of the post is spelled Playroms :)

I think the pricing is pretty reasonable- better than I've seen other places!

I love the ideas here- love the family ones and the one big initials. I have so many places in my home I could think of uses for vinyl lettering. love the look!

Amy M., Naperville, IL

Jan said...

I love, love love these. There are a couple I want immediately -- "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be", along with one with the family name and quote behind it. These really would make a house much more homey. Pick me, pick me!

J( said...

I love the ideas for the Bathroom... our guest bath needs a little personality, the nursery is adorable (and updatable), and of course the "Name- established in ??" Is too cute. Hope I win! :)
Janine, KS

Paige said...

I love the phrases for the walls! My favorit is the verse from Joshua for the living room, so wonderful! The site is nice and colorful, and I really liked the pictures of what other people had done in their homes...very inspiring for what I could do in my home!

Paige T
Alexandria, VA

M said...

I cannot believe how long I just spent on her site! I love the sayings!
My favorite is probably the children's name with smaller middle name. I also couldn't believe the amount of sayings. Amazing.
~Michelle E., Utah

Sarah said...

I have ordered stuff from Allie before, and she is wonderful to work with! She'll help you figure out exactly what you want, and do it however you want her to do it. It's great! And all your vinyl turns out wonderful!

heidi said...

I HAVE to have the quote: 'where much is given, much is required.' my husband and I both LOVE that quote. Another of my favs was the chocolate tile. so cute!
The only suggestion or idea is to have your pricing/ordering/ideas info in a 2 column blog format instead of having to scroll all the way down for all of it.
heidi r. AZ

Haylee Mollerup said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! vinyl lettering! Basically I love/want everything on your website. I love the "HOME is where the heart is", "Always kiss me goodnight", I love the alphabet for kids rooms, I love the little boy room quotes. There is SOOOOOO much that I would love to cover my walls with! I hope I win!!!!!

Haylee M.

Jeff and Nicole said...

LOVE this stuff!! Oh there was so much I wanted: the last name frame w/established and year, the name definitions, the name/middle name above closet, so many good quotes...I could spend TONS there!! Love it all and HOpe hope hope I get this one!
Nicole D. Utah

Croft Family said...

Wow, I love your lettering. I really, really want to win. I never win so here's wishing me luck.
I really liked the Princess Sleeps here. Our daughter thinks she is a real princess. I guess that's our fault and I guess she really is. Any way. I have wanted a saying made to put above our door for along time. "Let your light shine" It comes from a scripture that all of my kids memorized and we try to remind them when they leave from school to let their light shine so people will know who they are and what they stand for.

Anyway super CUTE!!!

Annie said...

I have to have a definition. Probably of "family" to go on a wall in my living room. I've wanted to do this forever, but didn't know where to get it done.

I love on your blog that you have pictures to go with your descriptions. I like the site colors too!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the sayings. I can't decide which one I would want! There are so many good ones. I would love one for our entry way, family room and my kids'
rooms. I liked the look of you site but I think it should be more business friendly. I also liked all the pictures, very cute stuff.
Suzie B., Iowa

Jenna said...

i love the children's names in two fonts. so cute.
it would be nice to have one galler you could scroll through rather than click on each category.
i also love the giant alphabet. :)


skcoe said...

I LOVE the giant "POND, est 2000" on the wall, the funky alphabet (not the one with the alligator, the other one...) and the vinyl on the piggy bank! I'm really big into personalizing items for my children.

IDEA: A lot of people out here in Lehi are doing giant glass jars with lettering. I just did one for my daughter's hair things that said "Pretties," and then two smaller glass jars for clips and elastics that said "Odds" and "Ends". When they sit all togehter on the bathroom counter they are to DIE FOR!

Love the website. The only thing I may change is having the pricing down the right hand bar as opposed to having it at the bottom so that it's more easily accessible.

juliegreensemail said...

Love the chocolate 12 x 12 tile--actually, I love everything. And the pricing is awesome. I did have a hard time finding out how to order (especially something customized), but that's probably just because I was so excited about everything else. I just ordered some vinyl lettering from a home party, and it was SO expensive--I will definitely be touching base with WordCandy!

Ashley said...

If I've ever wanted to win a giveaway, this is it!

I think you're site is fun, and I don't think it's hard to navigate through. I like the examples you have posted throughout your blog AND on the side, along with color samples. I like that you offer to send samples of the color selection.

I'd love to see the classic: Smith with established 2000 in cursive underneath on long narrow, painted wood. I've been looking for one those for forever!

Anyways, love the site, there are so things I'd like to buy, if only my budget could afford it! Good luck with your business!

-Ashley R., Iowa

Anonymous said...

Love it, so creative...I like the precious saying- so cute with the baby feet. I would love to win this prize!

Michelle H

Heitmann Family said...

I love the vinyl lettering. Her site is easy to navigate and very hard to choose what I like the best. I love the family name and est., I love the kiss me goodnight. I love the kids names and the laundry room stuff. Honestly I could spend a lot of money there. I hope I win!!

Aimee H. Washington

Alice Wills Gold said...

Alice W. Knoxville, TN

I love the kiss the cook and my greatest blessings call me grandma.

I think your site is great. I would just prefer everything that you can order at the top, with other frilly stuff below. I am not sure if you can order everything that shows on your blog?

I just wonder if you do any special orders..I would really like to get a cool quote done for my husband's office.

Jacquelyn said...

Love, love, love it! if I don't win I'll have to contact you about a custom order. great site. jacquelyn m. grover beach CA

HEATHER said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ABC's in the playroom. That looks so fun!
I think the site is great and everything is reasonably priced!

Heather R.

Sierra & Ryan said...

This is definately a site for me--I am totally a sucker for these! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a good place to find vinyl lettering because I think it a cute touch to add your home, plus its easy to put on and remove! Now to what I have to have....(there is a lot I want SOO bad, the kids ones...but I have to wait to have a kid first...) I really like the "Kiss the Cook" and "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be". I think the site was set up great, I love all the pictures. Only thing that could make it better would be to put the photos into sections, ie: children, home, love...etc. But this is definately a site I will be visiting more often!

Anonymous said...

my fav. items are the framed last name on glass with "established 2000" going through it. she has lots of great fonts and i like that it can be custom-made. the site was OK. it wouldn't keep my from buying something from it, though.

Jenn T, Idaho

Rochelle said...

I love these!! Everything is sooo cute!!! My favorites are Happiness is being married to your best friend and Cooking is love made visible. I love how you categorized all of your sayings into rooms, very good idea!

Rochelle P. Louisiana

Anonymous said...

oh I love the variety that is available! I would love the alaphabet for my sons room and then the sheet for the family room.


Scott, Kara, and Paul said...

I love anything having to do with kids. My son is my everything and so when I see such cute things for his room, I have to have them. I love the "Where there is great love there are always miracles." And of course the alphabet!

Kara B. Utah

Em said...

I love Allie's site. She is very easy to work with and will send you as many samples as you like. She will also send color swatches in the mail if you are unsure about the exact color. I gave her the measurements of some old wood (from my Grandma's fence) I had and she designed the lettering to custom fit the size of the wood. My family has loved having a piece of Grandma in their home with their name and other sayings on it. Her prices beat her competitors by a long shot. Her good communication by e-mail of samples and prices made working with her so easy. I would use no one else for vinyl lettering and I will definately be using her in the future. She is the best!

Emily Lewis said...

I am totally into the vinyl lettering thing! I have been to many websites/blogs to order my lettering.

Yours by far is the cutest. Your array of vinyl ideas is great along with the color choices of vinyl. You have wonderful ideas for projects that aren't your typical "words on boards or tile". Who knew that you could get that much detail with vinyl! I LOVE the "Grow old along with me..." , but I like it all!

My suggestions would be to make your pricing more clear and how it is done. (you have great pricing!) And you show a great selection of fonts in your "prepared" crafts", but if you do special orders make it clear what font types are available.

You have a great product and have started out well!

E. Lewis Colorado

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Yes yes & yes....I want it all! I love the quote from Abe about mothers. I really love the alphabets for a play room! The site worked okay, not the MOST user friendly but I could figure it out.

Rebecca F. Iowa

Wendy said...

I love the alphabet (like everyone else) and the big first and last names. I also really liked "Family is Everything."

Your items are wonderful! I do think the polka dots on the blog are a little distracting. I would also organize all your products on a website instead of a blog.

Wendy C., Tx

Becky said...

All the stuff is cute! I loved the ABC stuff and the Kitchen designs.
Becky C., Washington

Emily B said...

1. The custom stuff is more my style ... love some of the examples in real homes that you have.
2. An e-commerce site would probably be a better fit for you over a blog. It's difficult to figure out pricing, etc. More pictures of examples will only add to your site as well.

Thanks! Emily B, Eureka, MO

julesttdmom said...

Ok, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the funky playroom alphabet!!! Too cute!!! Make sure you always show people that one!!! I also love the saying .."Where there is great love there are always miracles."
My sweet little boy has a life threatining illness and as soon as I read that I thought of him. I love all of your stuff and will be sure to make a purchase soon!!!! I have my fingers crossed for the drawing!!! Thanks you so much for sharing!
Julie P. Long Beach,CA

Shelly said...

I like "Bon Appetit" for the kitchen. It would be good if there was an easier way to search. You have such cool things!

Diana said...

Your WordCandy lettering is great! I too, scrolled down the whole page before I realized you had the rooms as links, though I think you said so!

I would love to see more ideas for how to use these for those of us who are hesitant to put them on our walls. Is this the same lettering you can put on your car window? I've seen people around here with 2 lines advertising their Etsy shop and such...

Anyways, my favorite is the "Rubber Ducky..." one since my Kiddos have a rubber ducky bathroom. If I won, I think I'd have to get that one and ones with my Kiddos' names.

Holly said...

I liked the last name with the year you were married running throuhg it in the frame. :) Cute stuff! Who doesn't LOVE vinyl?

The Melo's said...

They are all so cute, I love the quotes from the Prophets. The site is nice, very nicely organized.
Kate M. MI

Anonymous said...

Breana A. Iowa

I love the quote about music. My husband is a composition major, and this would be perfect for him! As for the site, you should probably have the "how to order" link bigger, so it's much easier to see.

Kins said...

I would love a big Initial for my wall! We had a glass one but it broke :(

Your stuff is always so cute. Like the blog, but Etsy would be even better!

The Lindsays said...

Your web site is easy to follow and I love the way you have ideas and pictures of how it is used in your home. It gave me some fun ideas of how I would use it. My must have would probably be the ABC wall on the red block, that would be so much fun for my kids' playroom. I also really liked the monogram/family name tile. I would actually like to use that on my wall with a collage of photos, but it's pretty on the tile as well. I hope I win?!
Alicia L., Utah

Anonymous said...

I have ordered these letters from another site before and I must say....the prices Allie offers are amazing!! I also love the huge initial! The only improvement might be to put even more photos of sayings on walls within the site.

Tara said...

I like the you are my sunshine for my daughters room!
nice website too.

taradawnrobertson at hotmail dot com

Licensed Aesthetician said...

Yay I LOVE vinyl lettering. My house is FULL of it!!!! I need to get some more phrases printed for my bathroom. I recently put up his and her stickers over our cute!!! The site is soo cute, I love how it has soo many saying I can choose from!!! Well good luck to me my fav number is 56 and my comment is number 56 YAY!!!!
Tasia B. AZ

melisa said...

Okay, that "Eat out or starve in" belongs in my kitchen. I love that you can put them straight on the wall. And I liked the "whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

Melisa M, MI

NateAndJakesMom said...

I like the "I'm a dream come true." The site was user friendly though I couldn't tell if the pricing was per letter or for the whole saying.

Kari A. In Sunny Southern California

Anonymous said...

I love the play room one with the big red square and the abc's. Great ideas! Love your site.

Megan C., Iowa

Charity said...

I love the vinyl lettering in my home. My next phrase I want is one in the bathroom that says "Be your own kind of beautiful"

I love your site Allie, great work

Charity M.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the products on this site and the prices are insanely reasonable!! I'm seriously thinking about getting the children's names to put over their closets and I'd love to do a quote or something similar in our playroom. I also love the large alphabet over the red paint.
This is a great site and I've already recommended it to two of my friends (one of whom will definitely be purchasing soon!!)
I think that this site is fairly easy to navigate and I didn't have any problems finding the information that I was looking for.

Dana H, Texas

Hardys said...

I like the saying Please tell Mama that real cowboys don't take baths, they just dust off. from Bathrooms # 2
I like the prices and the site. I appreciated the way the listings are organized by rooms. Great site.
Teresa H. Louisiana

the4moyers said...

Cute site! I love the Joshua Scripture. Really neat decorating ideas!
Tanya M., California

Anonymous said...

Very nice! My ideas are for some Scriptures.

Jessie R. said...

These are soo cute! Such a great idea for decorating! I love the Name definition for a wall or frame! Thanks!

musson said...

I love vinyl lettering! I also love that you have come up with these examples and made them look so cute for us who are lacking in that department. I think it is really easy to navigate through your sight and again love the photos.

I really love everything!! My favorite would have to be the HOME frame and the four basic food groups. I couldn't pick just one! :)


Laura Lee M- Iowa

Anonymous said...

I want everything. The site is setup nice. I love the nursery designs.

Angela O., Louisiana

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I absolutely love so many sayings. Here are a few: "discover, imagine & explore", the names over the closet doors, "kiss the cook", "loads of fun" and I could go on and on. Very easy to get around blog.

Shelly P
North Carolina

Anonymous said...

I love the quote, "The most important work we will ever do is within the walls of our home." SO true if you have kids!

Carlee M -Washington

Rachel said...

Love the site, I could use vinyl lettering in every room. I love the ideas for kids rooms.
Rachel C. California

Anonymous said...

I really liked your product, Allie, but I did find it hard to read the choices in the small photos (i.e. "living room", "playroom"). I will be moving soon and I would love to have one of the sayings for my new entry to set the tone of the house.
Tammy R. in GA

LeAnne said...

I have gotten vinyl from quite a few people and I honestly love yours the best. I love how easy it is to pull apart before putting it on and then after adhering it I love how easy it is to pull the sticky part off. I don't tear the vinyl. I love your sight. It's fun to see all of the stuff that you've created. I think the item that I just have to have is the fun alphabet for a playroom. We are trying to finish our basement and I think that it will look really cool in there, plus help the kids learn at the same time. Thanx Allie
LeAnne B. UT

Bevany said...

I love Allie's site. I look at it all the time. Love the crazy alphabet and especially the names above the kids closets. That's what I would do if I won. I don't think I'd change anything about the blog...except maybe finding a way to post more often!
Bevany G, Utah

Lindsey said...

I couldn't decide what I loved the best. You have so many great ideas I had about 10 I could see in my own home. . .now I just have to decide what I want! I loved the "Sweet Pea" for a girl's room. My husband called me that while we were dating and we passed it onto our little Sweet Pea. So cute!

Lindsey M. Utah

Anonymous said...

I saw these for the first time TODAY in a little store and I decided to come home and find out where to get them on the web... I think I would probably first get my daughter the one that says "The Princess Sleeps Here"! I also like the "Always Kiss Me Goodnight". Jen J from Indianapolis

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Allie's site and the great products! I like that there are tons of ideas you can choose from, or you can create something special of your own. I would love to have the one that says "Best friends are we, my sister and me." It would be perfect in my twin girls' room!

Leslie C, Texas

Anonymous said...

I love different ideas for different rooms. It is great to go into the site and have ideas available. Ahh, do I have to really choose my favorites? I am looking for a quote for my kitchen, so some of those definitely caught my eye. But, I also like the bathroom quotes as well. And, I'm liking the ideas for Mother's Day.

Jeanne B., Utah

Thompsons said...

I love everything. I thought the site was cute and I liked that there are pictures, examples of the vinyl lettering being used. Too many to chose from, I liked the alphabet for the playroom and the kids names over the closet, and so many more things.

Erica T. Iowa

Muzzymom86 said...

I love your site. There are so many I would love to have, but I have always been so fond of the saying "Always Kiss Me Goodnight".

Ann C. in PA

Brad and Jayme said...

I love the alphabet idea for a playroom but also the quote "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be." Cute website and fun colors.

Jayme E., Utah

Kelley Flint said...

I love this site. I've had the idea to do something with vinyl lettering for gifts, but I didn't know where to get it. I love the alphabet coming out of the alligator. Very creative. I think all the ideas are very helpful. Maybe add some tips on how to apply the vinyl. I've worked with it before so I'm aware, but it can be a bit difficult if you haven't handled it before.

Kelley F.

twatkins said...

I love all the cute sayings. There are so many I would love to get. i really liked the saying surrounded by pics of your family. Very cute!

Tiffany W Utah

Anonymous said...

ooh, i love this site! so many cute things to choose from! love the stuff for kids' rooms since i'm currently thinking about that right now. and the name definition is great!

your site is beautiful but you might want to check out ETSY. might work better for you than the blog format you currently use? check it out:

darlene m

lisalmg said...

I love the playroom letter saying "Today you can be anything you imagine" I would love to have that as a daily reminder in my childrens playroom. I think you blog is great. I would love to see more ideas of ways to decorate or items you can place these fabulous sayings on. You have some really great photos that really help someone looking to purchase be inspired but definetly add more photos with more examples of designs you could use.

angelaandconnor at said...

I love the so many toys.. so little time!!

I added you on prizeatron

tAnYeTTa said...

the funky room playroom alphabet! love your site just the way it is!

Monica said...

LOVE the 4 basic food groups and the alphabet on the child's playroom!! What a great idea!

Good luck with your business! I'm impressed by what you have--absolutely love it!

Monica B.

Adriane said...

I love all of these! The only suggestion I have is to show the finished product on walls.

Adriane J. - Texas

TheAngelForever said...

There are so many great things. I really like the Name Frame. I think that would be wonderful as a wedding gift for people to give. I also love the Brothers saying. That would be perfect for my boys.

Thanks for the great giveaway.

The Angel Forever USA

Ted and Hilery said...

I think the website is great and I loved the children's names for the walls. I would love that. I also like the bathroom "Rub a dub dub". I would love something for every room in my house, if I could!

Hilery S. Iowa

Danielle said...

I love EVERYTHING! I've added Word Candy to my favorites! And the prices are phenomenal!
I love the "Brothers" sayings for my boys bedroom!
dansan826 at

Karen said...

these are so much fun--endless possibilities! and when you create your own, it's not exactly like anyone else's!!!
i would put a fun quote in my bathroom, or my boys' names and meanings in their room. maybe a quote from our wedding song over the bed in our room... who knows? pick me! pick me!

karen r, maryland

Jordan said...

I love it all! This stuff even looks a little nicer than the other vinyl lettering stuff I've seen out there. I like the unique phrases and styles that I haven't seen elsewhere as well.

This stuff is super cute!!

Jordan H.

Stephanie said...

So many fun choices to put in my girls bedroom. I especially love, "Sisters are joined heart to heart". I love how easy it is to navigate your site!

Stephanie J
Lodi, Ca.

Jacob and Kelly said...

I love these. I have wanted to do each of my boys names above their beds for a long time. I always thought it would be much more expensive. I am crossing my fingers that I win this one.
Kelly P., IA

Salmans said...

I LOVE it all. I can't wait for my order and look forward to placing another order shortly. Thanks for being so creative so I don't have to be.

Jen Manhattan, KS

Uniquely Yours said...

Love everything, but currently I really need some advertisement so I would opt for my url on my car.

Andrea said...

They have great stuff! I love their embellishment pictures...I'd definitely use a bunch of those music notes for my music room and a bunch of the stars for my son's room!! How fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the huge initial!! I also love the pricing! It is so reasonable and the product is just adorable.
Christie W, Texas

Mike and Lisa said...

I love vinyl lettering. I think it adds such a nice, classy touch to any home. I particularly love the "Peace, Love and Joy to all who enter here", that would look so good in my family room!

Lisa G.

Laura Bernard said...

Such great stuff! The site makes me want to put lettering up everyone. My favorites are the childrens names over their closets, "Dull women have clean houses" or whatever the wording was. Love the "Try harder to be better" from Pres. Hinckley. If I don't win I'll be ordering.

The blog layout does make it a bit tricky, but I could always find what I wanted.

Thanks for participateing.
Laura B, Iowa

marlene72 said...

These are too much fun. "Dull women have immaculate homes!" is a great one. And "Always kiss me goodnight". Love the site. I like the prices and I like how it is organized by rooms.

mattie said...

The home office road less traveled is my favorite...and that's exactly where it would go!

Noel said...

Wow! Your stuff is so so so cute. I never realized that you could do so much with Vinyl. I love how you have your blog address on your car. And it's cute too. I also really like the "Pond est. 2000" What a great way to really personalize your home. I think your site is easy to browse, and very cute!

Noel B. AZ

sara l. said...

I found the site pretty easy to navigate and her work is beautiful! I just have to have the "Home, Where your story begins" (because how true is that!) and the Last Name Frame! I think you have an awesome business and your prices are very reasonable!

Winborg Design said...

Your blog lookds great! I really love the red block with the abc's. This would be great in either a child's room or a family room. Allie has done vinyl for me and my children. Everything has turned out perfect. She is so creative and has sent me samples many times to help me decide the best options. I have decided to call her "FONT QUEEN". She can always pick out the perfect font! Thanks, you have done a wonderful job!!!

Jared and Marilou said...

I love vinyl lettering. You have a ton of super cute ideas. I especially love the child's name over the closet door.
I thought the site was pretty straight forward.
Marilou W. Idaho

Krista said...

I didn't see this one, but one of my favorite quotes is Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. or simply, Live, Laugh, Love. I'm not sure where I would put it or in what color.
Krista H. WA

Anonymous said...

I love the little girls rooms sayings as well as the play room. Cute stuff.

Katie W. Kentucky

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the last name with established date that was framed. Although I have to say it was all super cute!

Alex E.

Anonymous said...

I absolutly loved the saying in between the baby pictures that said "Where there is great love there are always miracles". I thought the website was great easy to navigate.

Lori W

Lisa said...

It's too hard to decide just one thing. I guess the framed "Home is where the heart is"

Lisa N

Mark, Holly & Boys said...

So, your site got me looking all over my home for ideas of how I could spruce things up with some vinyl lettering. I'm so excited! I really like that you have some ideas grouped in category by fav is the Harold B. Lee quote & I'm trying to figure out what I want for my boys' rooms... I think it's great that you take custom orders!
Holly W. (Utah)

Anonymous said...

I obviously love your stuff because I purchased a lot of it as soon as I saw the site! :) But I'm sure I can find more if I win!
Penny M., CA

The writer and the singer said...

I love the kitchen sayings and the "Christ is the center of our home" one. We are moving in a few months and I'm already getting ideas of stuff I want to purchase once we start decorating!
I love how the site is colorful and caught my attention. I'm still looking at every page, but so far, so good!

Anonymous said...

What a great site. There are so many things that I love. My favorite is probably the family name and established year in the glass frames. I love the variety that you have in sayings/fonts/and colors!Something that alot of these types of business's don't have. And custom orders are awesome!
Heather O. Iowa

Jen said...

My favorite is "Princess in Pigtails!" Because my little lady is "Princess" to daddy and I ALWAYS have her in pigtails!
Great site--very impressed with your ideas! Navigation could be easier, but it wasn't a deal-breaker for me.
Jen G.
Chicago, IL

M & S Eagar said...

I just have to have the playroom alphabet. My suggestion for the what are the payment options? Did I just miss them?

Amanda said...

I love the alphabet! SO cute for a playroom! The site was great!

Amanda W. - Iowa

Brandy said...

I love quite a few of your items. I think my favorite would be "As for me & my house we will serve the Lord". Your site was great too! ;)

Jill said...

I got so many great ideas from your site. I loved the alphabet on the wall and also Indie's room, those stripes are to die for (altho I know that has nothing to do with vinyl lettering!) Jill P. from Dallas

judy said...

I love the name frames! By the way I know you want suggestions for your blog but why mess with perfection???