Sunday, February 3, 2008


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Feature Presentation:

JJ's by Janie - Travel jewelry cases that keep your earrings from tangling and/or breaking!

Up for Grabs:

*There will be 4 winners this week! Two of you will win JJ's, and two will win JJ jr's.

**This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, sorry!

***Here is a picture of the JJ in action. Notice how it can stand up on a dresser or bathroom counter, making it much easier to see your options! Because options are important clicky friends!

How to Win:

*Go to her website,
*Enjoy browsing the fabulous fabric options she offers.
*Janie would like to know what is your favorite pattern, what do you think about the pricing and flow of her website?
*Come back here and leave your feedback at the "peanut gallery" at the bottom of this post.

**Don't forget to leave your first name, last initial and state.**
*No duplicate entries please. *

Crunch Time:
*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, Feb. 10th, 9:00 pm (CST).
*I will randomly select a winner and post it here first thing Monday (Feb. 11th) morning.
*Winners have 3 days to email me,, and claim your prizes.

***Next giveaway: Monday, Feb. 11th.
Hint: Louisiana! ***

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**THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED****************


Hardys said...

Teresa H, Louisiana
My favorite is the Pink Spiral. I think the pricing is perfect for the product, the flow is also easy and friendly.

Karin, Dave, and baby Evan said...

What a cool idea! I love all the patterns, but my fav is the very first one on the top--the light blue and white swirly one. Love it! As far as the price goes, it's a little more than what I'd be willing to spend.

I really like the website. Attractive, nice color scheme. I also like the FYI on the side, giving a good description of the 2 sizes. I just wish I could click on the the image to enlarge, to see the print up close.

Brooke said...

I really like the design with the colors pink, green and black. All of the patterns are very cute though. The pricing seems very reasonable and I like the way the website is set up.

Brooke H. Louisiana

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea- I really need something to keep all of my necklaces from tangling, too.. any new products I can look forward to?
The pattern I like is "Plain Jane", and I liked the website.
Penny M., California

Dana said...

What a fabulous concept! I think that the overall flow of the site is good, but if given carte blance, these are the top 5 changes I would make:
1 - change the font of the body text, it would make the site have a more professional feel
2- include more detailed, "clickable for close-ups" photos of both sizes on EVERY page. Especially on the products page.

3 - more written details of features with photo details on products page

4 - tighten up the copy to create more strength and weight to your product. It is a great item and I think that the pricetag is reasonable but would be better received if the copy was a bit more polished.

5 - Picture of the girl behind the product! People love to know who they are supporting and who is working for them!

I think that this is a great idea and I am going to check and see if my MIL would like one for her travels!
(oh - and did I mention I like the blue-greenswirls best?) Wishing you much success!

Dana, St Louis, MO

HEATHER said...

Very cute!! I really like the Paisley (Blue/Brown) print! I think the website is great, but like someone has already mentioned, I wish I could click on the item to see the print up closer. The price is a little pricey for me personally. But very cute!

Heather R. Utah

Haylee Mollerup said...

What an awesome idea! Traveling just this past Christmas, all my earrings were all tangled -- very frustrating! My favorite pattern is the brown background with polka dots!!! Very cute --- but there wasn't one pattern that I didn't like.

The pricing is a litte high for me.

The website I think is good! Fun, attractive colors. Good flow. I do agree with the comment above that I would like to be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them and get a better look.

I hope I win!!!

Haylee M.

Sierra & Ryan said...

That is such a cute idea! I never would of thought of it, but I'm glad someone did because it is so needed! I liked the web page, the colors were great and it was easy to navigate. The one thing I would change would be the pictures on the home page. I think they would look better if they weren't clustered. Anyways! The price was okay, not great. My favorite fabric is the blue and brown bohemian look!

Sierra T.

The Ralls said...

My favorite design is the blue paisley. I love the idea of the JJ juinor because sometimes you just don't need to pack around ALL of your jewelry right? As far as pricing goes, it seems about right. It's a little on the higher side, but its also an item that you only really nead to purchase once. I love it. I might be ordering some for Christmas presents! Lindy R. Utah

elenka said...

I like the JJ in the second row, middle. What a great idea! It is, tho, a little more than I would spend. Nice website.

Michelle B said...

I think this is a great idea! I like the pink/green swirl pattern. I think the website is very nice. As for the seems fair. Everything seems to be about $40 these days.
Michelle B, Iowa

Kate M. said...

I like the polkadot design. The website is very easy to use and the idea is a good one. The price is a little high for me, but if I had more valuable jewelry it might be different!
Kate M. Michigan

odomfamilyfun said...

Cute. I like the circles. It took me a bit to figure out the site. I finally figured out that i could see the pattern name by scrolling over the item. Love the patterns though. Prices are good. Great idea!
Brittany O., Brandon, MS

Gen said...

I love the paisley print! I think the pricing is reasonable for such a fun item...the website is good, but I thought it would be nice if the photos of the different fabrics were clickable...
Gen W. Ohio

Booklover said...

My favorite pattern is the brown background with the dots on it. I thought all of the patterns were cute. The pricing is maybe a little more than I would want to pay but I just hate to part with my money :)

I loved the FYI down the side. Great explanations, and it was also easy to get around. The only thing that I wish I could have done is click the patterns to become larger so I could see a bigger picture. Great product by the way.

Jessica C. FL

kristen said...

what a cool idea! i've always wondered if there was something out there like that. mine usually ends up in a plastic baggie. :) i think the flow of the website is awesome and pricing seems totally fair. very user friendly. i love the zebra in the one example otherwise the brown with the chunky polka dots is way cute!

kristen t. massachusetts

Anonymous said...

I like the pink swirl!! We dont travel that much, but when we do, Im always trying to figure out how to store extra jewelery, and VOILA..heres a website!! Great idea!

Pam S

Marnie! said...

Love the pink swirl. great web site-good pricing..easy to navigate!

Margaret L Florida

Katherine said...

This is a very interesting product! I love the pink swirl and the blue paisley designs. The FYI is a very helpful touch to the website but being able to see closer pics of the different patterns would be nice - when you click on the links under the photos you get sent straight to paypal. Useful, but a bit abrupt if you are just looking for a better picture. Also- the Jr is 1/2 the size of the JJ but is only $10 less. I can't imagine ever buying a Jr if, for only $10 more I can get a JJ. Perhaps there should be a bit bigger difference in price for the smaller size. It is 1/2 the size of the original so maybe $25 or so for the JR? Just a thought.Love the JJ and will be leaving a hint for DH for Valentine's Day!! : )

ashley said...

Love the idea, I definatley need something like this in my travel life!

I think this is such an easy site to navigate through, and very professional looking. I like how you can click on the products and go directly to a secure paypal site.

As for the price, it's more than I would probably pay.

I love the designs, my favorite is the circles. I'd love to see some plain colors as well, and it would be helpful to put the name of each pattern underneath. I only saw the name by holding my mouse over the picture.

Good luck! Really a great idea!

-Ashley R., Iowa

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I like the Blue Paisley. A little pricey for me. I wished the fabric choices came up when you scroll through. I had to act like I was purchasing to get the name. Also, I wished I could enlarge the picture. However, I love the concept!

Have a great week!!
Shelly P.
Huntersville, North Carolina

Anonymous said...

I love the Blue Paisley design! I think the product concept is great, but it is priced higher than I would be willing to pay. The website is off to a good start, however, as a marketing professional, I would say the front page is lacking. It would be great to see a large picture of your product immediately. Also, just as a side note...the pattern names aren't given until you click to purchase them. Overall, I love the idea, and the pink dots are cute and tie everything together really well!

Adriane J - Texas

Cara said...

Favorite pattern:
Polk a dots & pink and green swirls.

The website seems easy enough to navigate but I'd like to see bigger pictures, especially on the main page of the inside details of the JJ. Fun product!
Cara R.

Stacy said...

I really like all of the different fabrics. My favorite would be the blue one. The pricing is a little to expensive for me. I really like the way the site is formatted, it makes it easy to find things and has a good color scheme to it. It is a good idea, I would love the concept of a makeup case that stands up.

Stacy O - Utah

Mark, Holly & Boys said...

Great product! The price is a little high for me, but if I got one as a gift I'd be tickled pink. I liked the flow of the website, but would change the font to something less generic. Also, I was disappointed not to be able to click on the product to see it up close (larger) - and I think it'd be great to see women holding the product too (would help show the products size). I'm nuts about paisley, so my fav pattern is the blue paisley. Super cute!
Holly W. (Utah)

Kari said...

I love the circle design! I too think it is a bit pricey but a great concept. It would be nice to enlarge the pictures.
I would love to win
Kari C. UT

Heitmann Family said...

Very ingenius. I love the concept. And all the fabrics are great. I don't have a ton of jewelry so I think the jj jr. would be perfect for me. Love, love it!!!
Aimee H. Washington

Anonymous said...

Pattern: The patterns are adorable. They look really youthful, but without the bubblegum, "I love High School Musical," teenybopper look. I am sold.

Pricing: These are so super practical (I had a bag checked on a plane, resulting in 3 broken pairs of earrings and jewlery EVERYWHERE!), but they are a little pricey for my taste. I'd have to save up.

Flow: The website was clear, I knew right where to go easily, but I think I would like to see more large pictures of the product.

I love love love this idea...nice work Janie!

Kira S.

Meg said...

I love these! I think the pricing is right on and fair. The website is easy to navigate. I like the polka dot and paisley prints the best.
Meagan G. Florida

LeaAnne said...

I like the Polkadots! So cute!!!I thought it was a nice web site, but I really would have liked to be able to click on the link and see them better.
LeaAnne L. Oregon

Rochelle said...

I think this product is a marvelous idea! I love the Blue Paisley fabric. Your web site is very nice & modern, and your pricing is fine. I'll have to save up! I really like them!
Rochelle P. Louisiana

Wendy said...

I liked the brown one with green, pink, and blue polka dots--very cute! I think all the designs are great, a good variety.

The prices seem a little high to me and I would add names for each of the different patterns as well as being able to see close-ups and larger images.

I think personalizing it with some pictures of people on the blog would be great too!

Wendy C., Texas

*Katie May* said...

I like the look of the website and the color scheme. I also would like to see pics closer up so you can see the pattern better. The price is a little pricey for me personally but I think it is a great idea and product. I like the cosmic pattern
Katie C. AZ

Jean said...

Pricing seems reasonable to me, I'm willing to pay for something that works better.

Since I'm all about feedback:
1) Front page doesn't even say what your product is...
2) I'd include the name of the pattern under the photo, rather that having it as the hover photo tag.
3) Indicate that the pictures on the front page show up-close details, so that dummies like me who miss that don't type up feedback about not having enough close-up shots, and then have to erase it all and include a self-depricating comment.
4) Include close-ups of the JJ, in addition to the JJ Junior.
5) Maybe include an item detail page between the products page & PayPal, I always want more detail before I commit to a purchase. What makes yours better is buried in the paragraphs on the 'About' page rather than the product page.

Just my $.02.

Jean W

Emily B said...

My favorite pattern is the Green Giraffe but it was difficult to find the pattern name. You should be able to click on the picture to go to a new page with inside views, more info, etc. Price is a little steep for me, but looks like an awesome product! Thanks for the opportunity,

Emily B
Eureka, MO

Jacquelyn said...

I like the product, and though I could maneuver through the website I wish I could see a bigger image by clicking on the pictures. I also wish there were more view of the insides. I like the "python" patttern the best. Seems a bit expensive unless the fabric is a really good quality. Jacquelyn M, Grover Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

My favorite pattern was the "Pink Green Swirl."

I actually thought the prices seemed a little high. I could see myself paying around $30 for the JJ and $20 for the JJ Jr., but then again, I typically only buy things that are on sale and you know how much cost and effort you put into the product.

The Website is cute and easy to use. However, I think you should add names to the fabric styles/patterns above the pictures on the product page. It would also be nice to see larger images of the products when you click on them.

Lisa M., Colorado

Anonymous said...

My favourite pattern in the Green Giraffe. I had a bit of a problem finding the pattern name but came across it eventually :) Also, I really think that all of the other patterns are great too. There wasn't one that I didn't like. I also felt that the pricing was a bit too high for me.
As for the website, I love the overall design, set up, and colour scheme of the site. It's easy to find what page you need to go to and I like how the pictures come up from the main page.
My only complaint is that I wish you could click on the pattern to see it up close. Also, it might be handy to show the JJ next to something familiar so that you can really see its size. I know the measurements are there but it's always hard for me to picture.
Overall, great website and great product!
Dana H., Texas

Jenni said...

I already own the original size, but the JR looks like it would be sooo much fun too! I like the green stripy fabric best right now. The price is more than I would usually pay, but the quality (so far) of the one I own does prove it out.

Jenni T
Richardson, TX

Fuzz said...

OOH! I wanted one of these at Christmas, and they were all sold out! I love the pink and green swirls, or the paisley one.

I like the site, but I wish I could click on the product to be able to see it bigger. I am not sure if I would pay that price for myself. But I love the products.

Fuzzy R. Virginia

kk said...

My favorite is the green and white. I like the ones with brown, white and brown themes but am trying to branch out from those colors at the moment. As for the site, I found the pattern names impossible to locate. I think the price for the smaller one might should be a little less. I love this item and travel for a living all around the world. This would be a huge help and help me look cuter than my little ziplock baggies I end up using to see everything. How pathetic to admit!

aly3kids said...

I really like the product, what a great idea! My favorite is the brown/blue/white paisley pattern, but when you hover over that one it says "diamonds" so your text is off there. The price is a little high for me, but I'm also on a tight budget right now so factor that in :).

As for the website, same as what others mentioned. When I click on the one that I like I'd rather go to another screen with a bigger image in the pattern I chose, and maybe the close-up shots again (though the close-ups don't have to be in the same pattern that I selected). I'd like to see the pattern names under the pictures, I didn't realize you could hover and see the names.

Alyson B, California

Anonymous said...

I like the Green Giraffe print. Also, I think the flow of the site is good but my just give the option for a closeup. I am not really sure on the price,I have never seen anything thing like this before.

April L., Indiana

laura said...

LOVE everything!!!!! =D

Laura B.
W. Columbia, SC

Dooneybug said...

Favorite pattern is the blue paisley. The pricing is a bit much for me but I think this is a really great idea! The website is pretty good but it'd be nice to show the names of the patterns and click on the images to enlarge them.

Dooney B, MN

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Hi - super cute JJs and jrs. I like the blue and the pokadots patterns. The flow of the site is good; it's easy to understand. Pricing seems high - I could only splurge on these. Wonderful idea though. Rachel W., Kansas

Cheryl said...

They're all so cute........decisions....decisions!
It doesn't matter, I just want to win one!
Great idea!
Cheryl A.

jamie b said...

i like the green giraffe. the website is cute, but i wish you could click on a picture and see it bigger. also, maybe put the name of the pattern under the pic. everything else seems great.

Pitcher said...

My favorite design is the one on the bottom left of the products page (brown and blue). I love how the site was designed and think the flow is great. I wouldn't pay $32 for a travel jewelry case--but I am really cheap. I'm sure lots of people would.
Erin P., Des Moines, Iowa

Waitingonyou2 said...

Erica O, Atlanta, GA

The website is very user friendly and the concept of the product is great! I love the blue paisley one, but like a few of the others said, "it's more than I'd be willing to spend."

Paige said...

I love love love the leopard print JJ! I also found the website very user friendly and easy to navigate. The pricing seems appropriate for the uniqueness of the design!!

Paige T

the4moyers said...

Great product! I love the blue paisley and your pricing seems fair. Your website flowed smoothly and I was able to navigate it easily and find out all the information I needed. Thanks for offering this!

~Tanya M., CA


Jessica said...

Jessica F, Kentucky
I love the pink paisley one. I love the idea! I hope to do more traveling in the days to come and this would be a great asset! keep up the great work

K in the Mirror said...

I love these and have been planning to ask for one for my birthday. As far as pricing, I would be willing to spend this much on a gift, but I would feel bad about spending that much on myself. I'm weird that way. I like the flow of the site- I think it's changed since the last time I looked. More pictures would be nice. I like the blue spiral best, but they're all pretty!
Kelli P, TX

stacey said...

love diamonds; all super cute.
website it great.
pricey; i would bump it down to at least $32 and $22. agree about the jjjr being 1/2 the size but not 1/2 the cost.

stacey w. from texas

clay and jordan said...

This idea is perfect! I LOVE the green giraffe pattern. So much fun! If these were priced $10 cheaper I'd buy one today.

Jordan H.

~Nancy~ said...

I like the brown and blue paisley print.
The price is too high for me to consider buying this for myself,sorry. The site flows easily but I, too, would like a close up click option. Also, I think the fabric options need names for easier identification.
Lovely product overall and a great idea.
Nancy M., Flatwoods, Ky

JP's MOM said...

Love the chocolate geo print.

I would love to be able to see print larger.

In all honesty the price is considerably more than I would be willing to pay.

They are super cute though.

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea. I am a little jealous I did not think of favorite is the Paisley print. it is a little more than i would like to spend but it is very usefuly product.

Jennifer L. of Panama City Bch, FL

Carmen said...

I like the polka dots or the green one as far as patterns go. I probably wouldn't be able to spend that much on it, but I would love to have one.

The website was great. I would llike an option to zoom in so I could get a better look at how it is organized.

Tara said...

I think the JJ is a great idea! My favorite is the polka dots. I like the flow of the site in general, but I would like to see pricing on the same page as the products (maybe under the products) and would like to be able to enlarge to see the different fabrics better.

Emily C said...

I like the black with bright polka dots. The site is easy to navigate and has all of the important information in easy-to-access places. I think the prices are just a touch high at a glance, but when I look closely at the product it's probably worth the cost!

Emily C of Knoxville, TN

musson said...

Dang it! I was logged in as my boss again and I don't see mine so I'll rewrite it because I WANT TO WIN!!! I like the brown with the polk-a-dots! And I wouldn't spend the asking price. But they are too cute and a great idea.
SORRY IF THIS IS A DUPLICATE.... I was logged in as Robb !!!
Laura Lee M- Iowa

Boy & Girl said...

Love the green giraffe. So cute! The site looks great really clean and simple.

Anonymous said...

I like the diamond print-
I like the site- I wish I could have seen the pics of each print a little better-
I wonder how much something like this cost in Vera Bradley?

Anonymous said...

My favorite pattern is the blue paisley, and I also love polka dots. I couldn't figure out how the post earrings go into the leather, like how you can get the backs on the earring posts. The photos on the home page are the best since you can see the details up close. It'd be nice to see a photo of the outside, and also in relation to a person or a purse (so you can understand the size better). The site is good, but I couldn't find the names of the patterns unless I clicked to buy it (?). I wouldn't pay that much myself, but I would for a gift. And this is WAY perfect for my mother-in-law who travels every single month and has lots of jewelry! Jenny D., Colorado

Stacy said...

I love the brown with pastel polka matches the car seat that I have for my son.
I like the website, however I wish the buying option would have been different. I would have like to click on the picture of the JJ and then have the option to pick between the JJ and the JJ Jr.
As far as pricing it seems a little high, but most likely worth it if you travel alot.
Stacy G
Mesa AZ

Muddy said...

Neat idea. They look pretty. I especially liked the polka dot ones. The site is easy to use and flows very well. Since I am currently still a SAHM, the price of the item might prohibit me from actually buying one with real cash money, but I'd love to win won to use. Seriously, very very nice.

lisa said...

Lisa H./Texas

I love these and have since I first saw them on Boomama's site. I like either the polka dot or the diamonds. I wanted to give a couple as Christmas gifts, but waited too long. Then I thought I could just take my self down to the store and buy something similar, well....that wasn't happening. I didn't find anything like this. Winning one would be great and I thought the website is very user friendly.

Kelly said...

I love the green giraffe! Price seems reasonable!
Kelly S, TN

Denise said...

Fabulous idea! I love the circles and the green giraffe!
Denise J. Alabama

Jenna said...

I absolutely love this product. It is so adorable and useful and the website is so cute and accessible. It is so hard to pick a favorite but I feel the love I have in my heart for the Polka Dot pattern makes it my personal preference!

Good luck with this product!

Jenna T.

Bev Brandon said...

I really liked the paisley one and the polka dotted one. Beautiful crafting. Great blog layout.

Leanne said...

I love this product...first saw it on BooMama's site. The pink/green swirl is adaorable and the price is competitive for what appears to be very good quality. I love the flow of the webisite...the cloe-up images are great. Thanks..Leanne C. (Washington)

Greta said...

I bought JJs for my sisters, mom and mother-in-law this Christmas. They all love them!
As far as the website goes, I don't have anything to add that wasn't already mentioned. The bones of it are good, simple and to the point.
My favorite print is the green diamonds. :)

thecloarclan said...

I love the concept of this product. It's very innovative! The website is easy to navigate, but could use a little sprucing up! My favorite pattern was "diamonds", but honestly, the pricing is much more than my budget would allow!

Mama C said...

Cheryl C. , SC

I think JJ's are the cutest! They would be perfect for packing all the jewelry I need to take with me to Europe this summer!

The prices are a little high for me, I'm a schoolteacher.

My favorite patterns are the geochocolate and the polka dots. Both way cute!

Pam said...

This is fabulous! I'm Pam from GA, and I love the pink spiral the best of all, though for the convenience of traveling with my jewelry - I really wouldn't care which pattern I received.

Thanks for hosting, and I can't wait to see if I win this great giveaway!

Jennifer said...

Love the blue and brown.

Donna said...

I love this product! I never do know what to do with my jewelry, it usually ends up in my make-up bag, which isn't good.

I like most of the patterns, my top 3 are Cosmic, Blue Paisley and Python JJ. Leopard is the runner up. They are all cute though. Something for everyone.

Not sure about the price. I am not sure I would use it for myself, but I think this makes a GREAT gift and I usually don;t want to spend $50 on a gift, ya know?? But I also know that costs add up, so I am iffy on the price.

The site needs a little bit of tweaks. But I think it is pretty nice. I think listing the print name would be good, I also think a few more close up shots would e nice, and maybe list the materials it is made from...(I hope I didn't miss that part).

Great site and great product. Good luck to you and me!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I love the product and have ever since I saw it at BooMama's. I love all the patterns but the pink/green swirl is my favorite.

I too would like to be able to click on the picture for a closer look, other than adding a picture of the girl behind the JJ, the site looks great!

Stephanie P.

tammy b said...

what a fun giveaway, keeping it in the family ;) my favorite pattern is the pink swirly mod one. the web site is pretty good, bigger pictures would be nice, different views and views of the jjr would be nice as would pattern names. good luck, it seems like a great product!

Thompsons said...

Great idea! Love the polka dot pattern. I like the flow of the page, easy to use. Don't think I could pay that much, but it is a great product!
Erica T, Iowa

Bebemiqui said...

I love the diamonds pattern, the flow was good and the price is fair.

Brea said...

My favorite pattern is the big polka dot on brown -- I think it's called Cosmic. The website is good -- although I'd put a separate page with a listing and picture of each available pattern.

sue.g said...

I love the concept of the JJ. I have had many jewlery caddies, but this one looks compact and easy to stow in my carry-on. I feel that the price is reasonable. All of the fabrics are cute, but I like the Cosmic the best.

I would like to see a little more information on the website. I don't want to hunt for the price.

Congrats to Janie for a great looking product.

awhitaker said...

My favorite is the Pink Spiral. I think the price reasonable and the flow of the website is easy to maneuver.



Heather said...

I messed up and did not leave my name. I really like the JJ Junior. It is small which is nice because I don't have a ton of Jewelry. I like the blue one at the top of the page. I think that the website was easy to use but the prices are out of our student budget.
Heather S, Ohio

Ben, Rebecca & Natali said...

My favorite print is the blue paisley. The flow of the website is clear. The price is on the upper end of my budget, but we are also students right now. Maybe someday! I would have the name of the actual print under the picture. I would have liked to have seen more close ups of the product. When I buy something online I like to see it from as many angles and ways possible, just to make sure it was I really (really) want.

Rebecca F. -Iowa

selah said...

These look very nice! I like the blue-green swirls and the pink-green swirls. Without seeing a JJ in person, the pricing seems a little high. The site flows pretty well. I would like to see a picture of something in it besides earrings - what about chunky bracelets or necklaces? Would they even fit in a JJ?
Dee C, MO

Amber said...

i love the polka dot and the blue paisley. such a cute idea. love the fabric choices. like previous mentioned, i would probably put a different page with each individual pattern and what it looks like and then buy from there. i'd love to have me a jj!!!

Teresa said...

I have thought this was a wonderful product ever since the first time I saw it over at Boomama's. I like the leopard print, the circles, any of them would be wonderful. Teresa P. from Georgia

Tiff said...

My favorite is the pink spiral. THe website is very easy to use and the price is just right for the kind of fabric she is using!

shauni said...

My favorite pattern is the polka dots with the brown background. What a great product! I also like the colors of your website, it is very inviting.

Shauni F, Iowa

Jen said...

JJ! Oh I have never heard of these, but I am so fav. patterns are the larger polka dots and the brown/white/aqua swirly polka dot bag at the bottom. My only suggestion might be to have some pics of the product more close up, but I think that would be it!
Jennifer L., Alabama

Anonymous said...

Great idea! My favorite was the polka dot fabric. I thought the home page should have included a picture of a closed JJ and the basic description of what a JJ was. I wish you tons of success Janie!

Sandy L., Iowa

Jennifer said...

Jennnifer C., California

My favorite is the blue paisley one. I really couldn't find it's name. I think the JJ is a great item and would love to have one but the price is a little more than I would spend for one. The website is cute but like I said it was hard to find the name of the different styles.

BrownEyedGirl-- said...

Oooo, I've seen these before! For the pattern, I like the bottom left one on the Products page.

The pricing is fine, especially if it is made with high quality.

The flow of the website is fine, except I would change the Product page a bit. Instead of just the pictures of the different patterns, maybe give them all a name so if people are talking about them, they can give specifics about which one they like. And also maybe make the pictures thumbnails so when you click on them, a pop up window comes up of a bigger picture (like the home page).

Other than that, great website, easy to use and navigate. I really like the idea of these, especially since I just broke an earring last week trying to shove all of my jewelry into my toiletries bag. :(

Rebecca M. -- Washington (state)

Kristin said...

I love the polkadots! Too cute what a great idea! Really great giveaway, please enter me in.

Kristin L. Oregon

Jen said...

I do like 'em all. I do! I think the patterns are great - I don't like all the patterns, but they appeal to different types of people, they do!

I would take just any of them, though, because the idea behind the patterns is so good.

And I would love it as a gift or free give-away, because for me the pricing is... pricey. But that's just me. I think anything that says "jr." shouldn't be over $30, but again, that's just me. I'm probably poorer than your target group.

The website flows very nicely. Great colors, and VERY user friendly. I love the JJ logo, as well. CUTE!

Okay, those are my "peanute gallery" thoughts.


Gloria said...

I like the black circles pattern the best. I love the idea you have, both my daughter and I could have really used a JJ on our last trip.

Gloria R., Kansas

Amy M, FL said...

I like the Black Circles...too cute! My only suggestion for the website would be to have the pattern name on the page. I didn't see the name until I put one in my shopping cart. Just a suggestion! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new blue patten. Website looks fine to me...pricing is at the high end of what I'd be willing to pay. Such a neat product!

Sarah P., TN

Laurie said...

I love these. I carry my jewerly in an old hard glasses case but they need a little more protection.

The website is nice. But, I like to be able to click on an item for a close up view. I know there is a lot of hard work in the making of these products but the cost is a little high. Maybe discounts could be offered?

Thanks for doing this!

Anna T. said...

Anna T., Michigan

I like the one with blue and green swirls...I think these are lovely..I'm going to buy one if I don't win! :)

Anonymous said...

I think the price is really good. I like all the fabrics except for the diamonds for some reason. The website looks really good.
Cindy M., Tennessee
tcmcgarvey at hotmail dot com

Tara said...

I'm Tara K from MN. I like the circles JJ. As for your other questions, I think the website was very well developed. The prices (you asked!) are a little on the higher side of what I'd pay, but since I don't have a JJ of my own I don't know for sure! Thanks for a great offer!!!

Lisa Kay said...

Lisa H., Georgia

I liked several prints - I'm a fan of polka dots and swirls.

I like the site - it is not too busy so that I'm wondering, "where do I click?"

I would add maybe a page where just the color swatches are available. I really like the product, so that is my only decision - what color?

Thank you!

MichaelandKyra said...

I'm on the road as we speak and I just lost my favorite pair of earings. This would be perfect! My favorite color is the GeoChocolate one. So unique.

Andrea said...

Andrea O.-Texas

These are great the price is probably a little more than I would pay but what great gifts and I love the blue paisley.
The website is easy and understandable I wish I could see fabric choices a little larger.

FaceforGrace said...

I personally like the blue/brown swirl. For my personal preference, the price seems a little high...and, I too agree with the other comments regarding not being able to enlarge the photos by clicking or scrolling over them. The rest of the website seems great.

Holly M in Louisiana

Keetha said...

I think polka dots is my favorite, although all the fabric choices are lovely.

I think the pricing is good but I, too, wished I could have clicked for a more close up photograph, with the name of the fabric there when you clicked.

-- Keetha R., Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Jennifer B, Louisiana

I think the website is super cute. My favorite pattern is the plain jane. I had a hard time finding the name of the pattern, so maybe she should list the pattern name under each style on the product page. I actually think the pricing is perfect for this kind of product. The JJ jr could be a little less depending on how much it actually holds in comparison to the larger JJ.
Awesome product, wish I had thought of it! ;)

Betsey said...

This is Betsey G from SC. I really love the blue and brown Paisley. They may be a little more than I would typically spend though. Still, a great idea. Good luck with it!!

Anonymous said...

I like the leopard print one the best.

Nice website... the flow makes sense... a little more than I could pay, but I'd love to have one... Here's hoping I win!

Nikki H

Anonymous said...

I like the blue paisly altho when I run my mouse over it, it comes up diamonds, just a small fix I'm sure. As many have said, I would like to see clickable pics so I can see fabric better. also the site is limited in scope so I didn't need to spend much time there. Make me hang around a little longer and I will buy more, I'm just saying!

the jr. is all I would need for travel and the price seems okay, but yeah, I'm cheap so $29 would have sounded much better to me.

hope you will increase the scope of your line, cute stuff tho.

Kim A. from Delaware

ukrainiac said...

Marianna P., Maryland

I think they're great. My first thought was that they were pricey, but, I must admit that I would rather pay that price once than to have to replace broken or misplaced earrings! That, too, can get pricey.

I liked the brown/blue paisley and the black with circles on the top row.

Re the site: I didn't know until I read the comments that there were specific names for each one. I loved clicking the pictures on the front page and getting the enlargements...I did not particularly like how those pictures were displayed on the page...too small and clustered though there was certainly space to spread them out. I love the overall look -- fun without being too cutesy. I, too, would have liked to click on all of the fabrics to see them "up close and personal."

Great product!

Robin said...

Love the pink swirly pattern but all the fabrics are fab and ones that I've not seen over and over online. I like that.
On the front page of the site the images don't grab me. If that's the first thing your potential client sees - it needs to grab and make me want to go deeper into the site.
Thanks for the giveaway - I'd love to win one!
Robin K in MO

Carly said...

Her stuff is so cute. I love the pink swirl JJ jr. I would love to tote that around with me when I travel!

Carly S., Iowa

Carly said...

Her stuff is so cute. I love the pink swirl JJ jr. I would love to tote that around with me when I travel!

Carly S., Iowa

Carly said...

Her stuff is so cute. I love the pink swirl JJ jr. I would love to tote that around with me when I travel!

Carly S., Iowa

Jackie Sue said...

I've looked at the JJ's before. I wanted to get them for friends at Christmas, but honestly, they were a bit pricey for me. I would love either size for myself or my college age daughter. I love a paisley pattern myself. My daughter would love the blue swirls. Thanks for the offer.

Rhonda said...

What a clever idea. I like the pattern that is top middle or bottom left. My MIL would LOVE this. She travels alot and loves her some "earbobs" as she calls them. I thought the website was very well put together and it was a nice touch that Janie's face was on there to make it more personal. I also enjoyed reading her story. It would be nice if each pattern had a specific name. Also, the pricing is higher than I would be willing to pay. $35.00 and $25.00 would be more acceptable to me. I wish Janie much success!

Rhonda W., Washington(state)

Lindsey said...

Lindsey M. Utah

I thought the product was such a great idea and something that I know lots of people need and could use. I wish that you could click on the product and make it larger so see the detail closer, but all in all it was a well put together website. I liked the pink, green, and black swirl one.

Becky said...

I love your logo. My favorite patterns are black circles and cosmic. I think the layout of the site is great. I'd add more close-up pictures of your product, so people can see more clearly how to use it.

Becky P., CO

Teri said...

These are very cute and would be awesome for travel! My favorite pattern is Pink Spiral. I love the ease of paying through PayPal, and I like how you can choose one of the two sizes, thus helping the consumer to control the cost somewhat! I think it would be nice to have more detailed pictures of the product (in use!) on the site! Just a suggestion! :)

Teri S., Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

I love these! I definitely need something like this. My favorite fabrics are the diamond shape and the paisley. The only suggestion I have on the website is that the pictures on the welcome be bigger. It is hard to tell what the product is- and you definitely want to show that off when people first get to the site. Fun product!

Courtney T from CA

Anonymous said...

lke the brown with polka dots.

I love the product. I'd like to see more of the JJ junior on your website (hard to see it in current pictures).

Posted by Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 to I Love Give-A-Ways!

Valarie said...

I really like the blue paisley. I think this is a great idea. I have two teenage daughters and anytime we go somewhere on vacation we have to take everypiece of jewelry we own. This would be a great help. Great idea! Love the website.

Valarie M., Alabama

Anonymous said...

I really like them all, but if I must chose, I'd say the paisley!

The website looks good, but agree with the others on wishing to see a close up of the fabric. And also whether or not larger/chunkier jewelry would fit. (thats a problem I'm having with a similar product I have now...I'm out of room! So I NEED this!!! hint hint!!!)

I think the prices are pretty decent...maybe a little high, but hey, I'd buy one!

Cheryl B., Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

I really like the Geo and the Cosmic. Looks like she puts a lot of thought into each piece.

I love the graphics on her website. Very sharp! Well done!

Mariah H., CO

Anonymous said...

I love the pink spiral and blue paisley fabrics. The product looks wonderful but would be a bit pricey for me. I first thought that it would make such great gifts for Christmas but we usually have a $25-$30 cap on gifts in our family. I wish the JJ were $30.

The flow of your website and clarity seems great. I got my mom (70 yrs) to take a look. She had a little trouble with the font.

It seems from other comments that some people could not click on the pictures for a close-up version, but I was able to do that and it was very nice.

You have what looks to be a great product! I wish you well with it!

Denise L.

Nikki said...

I love, love, love the blue python. Great gift idea - I'll be excited to get some Christmas shopping started so soon!

RealEstateGirl said...

I love the ice blue and brown paisley! I would like this in either size! It's a wonderful idea! I usually throw all my jewelry in a ziplock bag if you can believe that!!! Thanks for this give-a-way! Hope I win!!!

I think the price is reasonable, but know it's not something I could just frivolously purchase at this point. I also like the web site and thought it was easy to use.

anne b, KY said...

Love the website. I really like Cosmic with Green giraffe in 2nd place!!!

Connie said...

I like the Black Circles one. Can't quite figure out how to navigate between your site and PayPal (I clicked to "buy" and can't figure out how to remove it from my "cart" on PayPal). The prices are a little higher than I'd spend, but it seems to be a nice product. The site flows well overall.
Connie D. AZ

Anonymous said...

The website is great and I love the giraffe print!
Shannon W. - indiana

Kelley Flint said...

What a great idea. My earrings and other jewlery always get in a mess so I end up only taking the bare minimum. I love the circles design. It's very cute. And I think the prices are reasonable. It wouldn't buy it for just anyone, but I would for myself or a close friend for sure.
Kelley F. Pennsylvania

windycindy said...

Hello! I like the site and its product designs. The "Blue Paisley" print is my favorite. I would also like to see more traditional fabrics like different floral designs and more paisley. They are a little to retro for me. Thanks,Cindi

Mommy Cracked said...

Mandy Z, Mississippi

The Green Giraffe is my favorite! The only suggestion I would offer is to make the pictures bigger on the front page of the website. Great product, so show it off!! The prices also seem reasonable.

Tiffany said...

I like the giraffe pattern the best. I think the pricing is pretty right on. The layout of the website was easy to move in.

Angela said...

I love the blue JJ. The price and fabrics are nice. I just would have more of my product on the main page.

Angela O., Louisiana

Suzanne said...

Suzanne J, TX....
I bought two of these for my nieces for Christmas and they LOVED them....I am partial to the pink and brown one!

Crystal said...

My favorite is the Polka Dots print. I agree with previous posters that an up close look at the pattern would be great (as well as the names of the pattern) but overall I found the website easy to navigate. For me personally, the pricing is a little high. But that just means I probably wouldn't purchase it, not that I don't think it's worth it. It would be something I'd ask for as a gift not something I'd just get on my own! Very useful product and totally cute!
Crystal J, AL

The Preacher's Wife said...

I love the paisley print...

Pricing is a little high for me but I'm sure it would be worth it. I'm just a cheap skate. :)

Great Giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I really like all the patterns, my favorite would be 'Cosmic'.

As for pricing, It's a little high but I think I would still get it.

About the website, I would try to get a link over to your own ETSY shop (where you can actually buy your products online and you can give more description/photos). I love your logo and your color scheme but maybe the font can be changed to keep it in line with your logo. I might also add more tabs that are more descriptive (shop locator, how it all began, ...). These are just some ideas... Good Luck with everything.

Elena B, Utah

Anonymous said...

i love the blue and white and brown swirly ones! they are such a great idea and so cute! i love the flow of the is great...i might not spend as much on the product as you have asked for- maybe 5-8 dollars less...but other than that - i LOVE your product...a great gift idea!

Thanks and God bless!

Marie said...

I still love the pink and brown paisley. As I am not a junior anymore I would like the full size version lol.

Good luck to all!

Marie K MN

Chelle' said...

I LOVE THE GEO CHOCOLATE JJ. Though to be honest, it's very hard to pick just one. They are all amazing.

I don't find them unreasonably priced... especially considering the trend for Vera Bradley purses and wallets. And the JJ's are just as functional and much cuter in my opinion.

I would maybe adjust the pictures on the home page. Maybe just have one large sized picture of a JJ instead of 4 small ones.

And as others have said, make the pictures on the products page "clickable". So they can be enlarged for viewing.

It's a great product. Sure hope I win one. :0)

Ynaffit said...

I really like the fabrics used. Lots of color and flavor. I would like to see some more pastels, though. Otherwise, great picks. As far as pricing, I think that for the JJ the price is reasonable, but for the Jr, I think its a bit pricey. Overall GREAT concept, especially for someone like me who travels half of her life. Lots of misplaced jewelry, and lots of broken on arrival pieces. :)

Good luck!!

Tiffany M.,
Layton, UT

Tara Fears said...

Fabulous Idea! I love it! I have to say, I think a name for each pattern would be great! As I look as the page and just see pictures...a name below each one would sort of individualize them a little bit more.

Tara F. - Utah

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the Blue Paisley.

I think the website looks good, but I think it needs to be stronger, more professional.
1. Different, larger, bolder font.
2. More detailed photos.
3. Pricing info should stand out more...I had to scan the Product page a couple of times to find it. 4. Also, I kept expecting to find Shipping info, which I never did.

The pricing is a little too steep for me, though, and it seems like it's gone up a bit since they were launched in December. I would suggest the $30 range for the Original and the $20 range for the Jr.

Cute product, though. And I like the addition of the Jr.

Paige R., GA

Petersen Family said...

I would have to say my favorite pattern would be either the blue paisley or green giraffe. And I have to agree with everyone on the price. It's a really cool product but I don't know that I'd spend that much and purchase one. The website is nice, it could be a little clearer when it comes to the products. The links under the pictures to purchase are too similar. And like everyone else said, I'd love to see more pictures of each of the products.

Jamie P. Utah

Kristen said...

I really like the product-- I love all of the patterns, but think that I like the blue paisley the best--the website was easy to navigate through--but the price is a little bit high for me (funny, it wouldn't be too much to spend on the kids, but too much to spend on Mom)--

Kristen B.--AL

melaniek said...

I love all of the JJs but I chose the blue & brown polka dots with the paisley design as my favorite. That one looks like the most fun! The pricing is good. The website is informative and easy to use. Like someone already suggested, it would be cute to name each one.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this product at BooMama's site before and entering to win. My favorite fabric is the "cosmic" with all the colorful circles. I would really be able to use this product as I travel with my chorus often and we usually carry lots of jewelry both for our costumes and for everyday wear. Your website flow is perfect, easy to understand and find things. I think the pricing is good for what you offer, more than I would usually pay for something but definitely would pay it for a product that would do what it says!!!!

Jenny J., Indiana

Melisa said...

Very cute! I love that idea. I'm totally putting one on my wish list. I wish there was a more girly pattern. More pink. Maybe more purple. Embrace the whole feminine thing kinda color. My fave pattern is polkadots, but I didn't know it had a name until I read some of the comments.

Melisa M in MI

Jmons said...

My Favorite is the Tiger print. If I did wear lots of jewelry this is a great way to organize it while traveling. I think a little pricey, and the thing I would change is to be able to view things closer up. What a great idea though!

Jessica M, Utah

Mandy said...

I think that the product is a great idea. I personally like the cosmic pattern. The website is very easy to browse through. As far as the pricing, it would be more than I am willing to pay, but the product looks really nice.

Jolley's said...

This is a good idea. I like all the patters and I especially like that the pouch is lined in satin. It gives the product a very classy feel. I think the price is a little high, but I wouldn't mess with it. We college folk think everything is too expensive.

Natali J. Iowa

Mrs. Bennett said...

Love it! Very good idea. I love that it is compact too. Other travel size jewelry cases that I've seen are bulkier and harder to pack around. My favorite patterns are square and green giraffe. The prices are a little high for me though.

Michelle B. Utah

NerdMom said...

I like the cosmic pattern. Personally the pricing is high but for the market I think it is good. The popups on the products are a little big. Other than that it is pretty good!
Jackie C in Cali

Susanne said...

Susanne J., Texas

My favorite pattern is the pink and green swirl.

I think the website looks great! It was easy for me to navigate, and I liked the close-ups of the product on the home page. The price is a tad high for me...if she could sell them for about $10 less she might get more volume. But it looks like it's a great product. After trying it, I might find it worth the extra money!

Anonymous said...

Love the paisley w/ blue & brown. Too cute! Haven't seen that pattern before - reminds me of Vera Bradley. Site is easy to navigate & flows smoothly. Thanks, Niki

Jacob and Kelly said...

What a great idea. This would be a perfect gift for my mother or sister-in-law. Love the patterns.
Kelly P. Iowa

Anonymous said...

Girl-- this is the best invention ever... I'm a paisley girl through and through and your blue paisley hit the SPOT! :)
Flow of the site- not bad, simple and down to the point.
Pricing- a little high for a midwest girl as myself, but I'm sure the big city girls wouldn't blink at eye at your prices.
~Keep up the good work!
Janine H. KS
PS. A natural colored paisley would be great too! To match my MK diaper bag. :)

Anonymous said...

Bauble4 said...
I love the idea of the ability to transport earrings. I haven't seen anything like this before. I like all the patterns I really don't have a particular favorite. My only comment about the website is that it took me awhile to figure out what the product was. The pics are small and I didn't know at first to click on them and the text didn't wow me. Because I was interested I took the time to investigate but I think the website needs more punch

Ted & Hilery said...

My favorite pattern is the Green Giraffe. As a stay-at-home mom the price is too steep for me to buy myself but I think it would be a great gift for all of my girlfriends. The website was nice and easy to navigate.

Hilery S. Iowa

Melony and Todd said...

I love the pink spiral and the diamond one. They are so adorable! What a great concept. I lose my earings, and tangle my necklaces all the time.

Melony D. California

Jackie said...

This is a fabulous product! I'm so tired of putting my jewelry in a ziploc bag and stuffing it into my makeup bag to become hopelessly tangled. I do think they're priced a bit high, but once i used it, I'm sure I'd feel it was worth every penny. My favorite design was the blue paisley. Jackie S, Iowa

Team Chilton said...

I think this is a really unique product. I'd even get a non-travel version if you offered it (like one for in the bathroom or closet for storing earrings and necklaces...I have a hard time finding a jewelry box that accomodates dangling earrings).

I agree that there should be some more close-ups offered because I can't exactly grasp what it's like on the inside of the product. The price is a bit high for me personally, but considering it is the ONLY thing out there like this, the price works.
I really like the blue/green swirls print the best. Great job!
Sarah C., CA

Melanie said...

Wow, so many comments. The blog idea is a success!

This is a great product. I'd use it at home as well as for traveling. To be perfectly honest though, the price is a little steep for my budget. It's a product I may not purchase on an impulse but maybe something to ask for or buy as a gift.

As for the website, I really like the way the pictures pop out when you click on the thumbnail images.

Oh yeah, my favorite pattern is the blue paisley.

Melanie S., Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a great product. I wouldn't buy it online (because of the price) but if I saw it in person, I would probaby consider it more. If it was even $10 cheaper, I would buy it online. I liked the website, and how the pictures popped up and were clean, bright and in focus. I really dig the blue paisley.
Kristen D

Patty said...

Great product! Very fun colors and useful. I'm a black circles girl.
Pricing is a little high for me. I think it's that $40 mark that is tough to cross. Altho the small one isn't much cheaper. Makes no sense to get it when you can get the larger one for $10 more.

The home page needs a little work. It's hard to see what your product is. One large image ... maybe one open and one closed ... with some type that quickly points out what it is.

Again, great idea! Good luck.

Sara said...

I love the polka-dot pattern! I thought the website was very easy to navigate; I only wish there would have been a few more pictures. The price is a little bit more than I am willing to pay but I'm a student's wife on a budget, so that definitely has something to do with it :)

Meliss said...

Good info on the website, and easy to navigate. The prices are pretty high in my opinion. I would change the main font to make it more "JJ" style though! It should be as stylish as the products are.
I love the green giraffe print the most. Great business idea!

Melissa M.

The Jones Fam said...

Great idea. I liked the blue paisley and pink spiral! I would not be able to afford one at the current price though. Or justify it to my husband!
Natalie J. Iowa

Sara Gibson said...

I love the blue and green swirls and think this is a fabulous product.

Sara G. Utah

Gina Maria said...

I really like the bluegreenswirls pattern. The pricing is reasonable and the website is noce and easy to navigate.

Gina R. - New York

Julie E. said...

I liked the pink spiral the best. Great product, but I would say the pricing is a little high for what I would spend on something like this. The $25 - $30 range would be much more appealing.

Julie E. , Texas

Jennifer said...

I love the Blue Paisley. The website is great & prices are very reasonable for the products offered. I'd love to win, so please count me in! Have a great weekend!

Jennifer H.
South Carolina

twatkins said...

I really liked the leopard print. I think its a great idea, but a little pricey.
Tiffany W Utah

Andrew's Mom said...

My very favorite print is the "geochocolate". I would love to be able to click on the pictures so that I could see the pattern larger. I think the pricing is great given the product.

Megan B. from Washington

amy said...

i like the square pattern. i think it would be easier and a more smotth transition to pick a pattern and then see the JJ and JJ jr. options after clicking on a pattern name/picture. and i'd like to be notified in advance that clicking on the "buy" buttons below the pattern pictures would take me to paypal...oh! also, the only pattern names on the product page is seen when you hold your mouse over each picture. --amy g., georgia

Linda said...

Love the pink/green/swirl!

Your site is easy to navigate and attractive.

I personally think your pricing is on target yet it may be a little steep for others?

I hope I win!

Linda C. California

Morph This said...

Jenny M., California
My favorite is the Python. So cute. I think everything looks great on the site. Price Point and all.

Kate said...

Really fantastic idea!! I love the pink spiral print. :) Fairly easy to navigate the website, although I wasn't sure where I was going when I clicked "buy a JJ". Would be nice to have a close up view of the prints and the inside of the product. Personally, the price is a little high for me however the product is original and handmade and I'm sure it took quite some time to make each one! Good luck to her!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh man these are such an awesome idea! I SO need one - I have spent hours untangling stuff too! Love the Pink SPiral pattern - so does my daughter. The cost seems pretty reasonable to me. Also the website was easy to browse ... I like that the pictures open in a new window so you don't lose your spot on the site!

Thanks! Amy V in Texas

Robin said...

Robin J, California

I like the website layout. Easy to navigate. However, enlarge the icons on the front page. It will show off the product better. The font is cute also... one of my favourite aspects of the site. I like the diamonds pattern best. For a junior JJ, I would want to pay around $30- 35 most likely. Even keeping it slightly under $40 would make it more attractively priced.

Great product overall! Might have to get one for my trip to Europe in a month!

bonniejean22 said...

I love the pink swirl. Neat idea.
Bonnie C. iowa