Sunday, February 17, 2008



Feature Presentation:

"By M offers jewelry, frames, & photos. Always changing, always updating! Jewelry ranges from classy conservative to lovely funky. Frames fancy decoupage d├ęcor and all come complete with corresponding paper for an immediate art piece or for popping out to place your favorite photo. By M happily encourages custom orders. Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Up for Grabs:
*There will be 3 winners this giveaway!

**Hey, if you think about it, we are ALL winners, because everyone will get free shipping during the giveaway!!! Just mention "ilovegiveaways" when you order.

One of you will win this:

*Chocolate Lines: 4x6 distressed wood frame. Thinking for that special birthday, for the cute faces of those grandkids, a top that desk, a top that table….

Another wins these:

*Blueberry Dot: Funky Dangles for any outing to mix & match with that summer skirt, that comfy sweater, that new pair of jeans…

And the 3rd winner gets these:

*Rose Bud: Post Earrings in your choice of plush pink, lime green, springtime yellow or brilliant blue.

How to Win:

*Visit Michelle's store at and notice her awesome creations and pricing!!

*Come back here and leave me a comment at the end of this post.

*Michelle wants to know: which item description won you over and made you love that item even more?

**When you comment, leave your first name, last initial and state.**

Crunch Time:

*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, Feb. 24th, 9:00 pm (CST).

*I will randomly select a winner and post it here first thing Monday (Feb. 25th) morning.

*Winner has 3 days to email me,, and claim your prize.

Next Giveaway:
Begins Monday, Feb. 25th. Hint: "What's cookin', good lookin'?"

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Anonymous said...

I love the grapefruit necklace...very cute and classic.

April L., Indiana

Brooke said...

I love the Mushroom earrings and the Lolli earrings. Very cute! Also, the names are unique which is another reason why I liked about these items.

Brooke H. Louisiana

windycindy said...

Hi, I like her Etsy shop! The crow frame and the 1,2,3, frames are both adorable. Please enter me in your current drawing. Thanks very much! Cindi

The Melo's said...

They are all cute! The way you have described them is very original. There is so much talent out there!
Kate M. MI

heather said...

Love the dazzle necklace - I think the name says it all :)

Heather D., FL

Anonymous said...

I love the description for the Ice earrings. It made me want them bad! I could be casual or dressed up and I may not have thought about that without the description.

I love the 1-3-5 frame too, but the description was short and sweet.


Annie P., Missouri

Michelle B said...

I am a fan of the necklaces. I love how in the description it tells what to wear it with and with what activity. Great touch! and everything is very cute!
Michelle B, Iowa

Hardys said...

I love the blueberry dot earrings. The site is great and has cute items with unique names. Liked it a lot.
Teresa H. Louisiana

griffgraff said...

I really like the dot earrings and the dazzle necklace. Cathy G. CA

Paige said...

I like the description for "Dazzle", so pretty! The names of the jewelry are so creative. I hope I win!

Paige T

Anonymous said...

I love the dazzle necklace.
Nikki H.

Adriane said...

I like the anchor frame...cute, classic and I am a huge fan of the distressed wood.

Adriane J. Texas

Heitmann Family said...

I think her creations are very unique. I love the photo frames!!

Aimee H. Washington

Mark, Holly & Boys said...

I liked the description on the ice earrings - it made me want them even more! Super cute.
Holly W. Utah

Shelly said...

I love Dazzle and the description is great!
Shelly D from AZ

Bebemiqui said...

The grapefruit necklace won me over. Count me in

The Jones Fam said...

My favorite is the blueberry dot earings. The description made me want to go on a date with my husband with those earrings on!
Natalie J. Iowa

The Ralls said...

I loved all the earrings, and I was very surprised to see how affordable it all was! Lindy R. Utah

Dari said...

I loved the Anchor frame. I love anything with anchors or is sailor themed. I loved that she said "kiddo cute" in the description :)

Dari P.- UT

clay and jordan said...

I love the grapefruit necklace and just picturing it with a tee and jeans made me want it right away! Way to go, Michelle!!

Jordan H

Karin, Dave, and baby Evan said...

I love the Dazzle necklace the most. But, I liked the description on the Rose Bud earrings: cute color names; and I liked the description, "girly + classic + pretty."
Karin D., Iowa

Robin said...

Robin J. --- California

Liked the grapefruit (assuming it's a bracelet?) Suggestion for the owner would be to add details such as length of each jewelry piece. Also, take the word "like" out of the descriptions. Need to describe with words that are concrete. "Like" makes me think that she is not sure about the piece's characteristics. Descriptions should be longer and include phrases like: Perfect for _____ outfit, etc. Just more specific. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

My favorite description was on the Grapefruit necklace, because it helped me imagine what items in my wardrobe I could wear it with. Thanks for the giveaway!

Becca C.

Melony and Todd said...

I liked the grapefruit necklace. It was cute and fun. Good pricing too! My only suggestion is to make the website more like a website than a blog. It will make customers feel like you have a real business. You have a great concept and are very creative.
Melony D. California

M said...

I loved the lolli earings--so cute! I think the name did it for me too. And the prices are really, really good--that was a lovely surprise for me!

Michelle E. --Utah

Angela said...

Angela O., Louisiana

I love the dazzle braclets and the fall earrings. Your price point is great for Moms.

Karen said...

I loved the grapefruit necklace and the blueberry earrings. I am trying to wear more jewelry--spice my life up a bit--and these are just my style (and price range)!
Like others have said, I would suggest giving lengths of specific jewelry...

Karen R, Maryland

The Saunders Family said...

all the frames are so them!
jessica s.

Anonymous said...

i liked the ice earrings with the cute description!

Leigh Anne S., Texas

Mrs. Bennett said...

I love the frames!
Michelle B, UT

Anonymous said...

I like the Ice earrings. I like in the decription that it talked about dressing up and dressed down. I agree with some of the other comments that the descriptions need to be stronger. I also think that they should have a sentence-like feel with capital letters. (I'm a bit obsessive like that though :)) It feels like they were written hastely instead of thought out and decisive.
I think that the prices are VERY reasonable and definitely something that I would get.
Dana H, Texas

Laura Bernard said...

The description of the Rose Bud earrings won me over.

Laura B., Iowa

Anonymous said...

What a great etsy store!!! I LOVE everything, but especially the Lolli & Dazzle. The names are super fun, too!!!

Pam A New York

Jared and Marilou said...

I loved the grapefruit necklace and blueberry dot earrings, but my favorite description was for the ice earings: "dressed up & beautiful, dressed down & stylish" what women doesn't want to feel that way? Love the prices too!

Marilou W. Idaho

Anonymous said...

I love the grapefruit necklace. I like how you describe different ways to wear it.

Valerie M, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a huge website, there is a ton of stuff to look at. The things I liked the most were the picture frame earrings and the affirmation necklaces.

Jessica M, Utah

Anonymous said...

I was won over by the ice dangle earrings! I love the colors and they match well with the gold color hooks.

I love the photography! Wonderful work on the children and engagement pics!

Mariah H., Colorado

Crystal said...

My favorite were the Lolli earrings! When I saw them I thought of spring and then when I read for 'spring & summer' I loved them even more. Great pricing too! I love the wording in the descriptions but I am a fan of correct punctuation. (Great site though!)

Crystal J, AL

Andy and Emma said...

I love the 1-2-3 frame. Description made me want to see it in person!

Emma N, Virginia

Stephanie said...

I love the 1-3-5 frame! WOuld look cute in my nursery!

Stephanie J. Cali.

jenn said...

I like the mushroom earrings. You could wear them with anything because they're neutral.

Jenn T., Idaho

lisalmg said...

The descriptions for the Lolli earrings won me over. I'm definitely thinking of spring and being out and about!
Lisa G., MO

Kelley Flint said...

I love the fall earrings, and the description fits the name so well. The colors of the beads remind me of fall.

Kelley F., PA

musson said...

I first made sure I was logged as me! :)

My favorite is the grapefruit necklace. It's too cute!

Laura Lee M- IOWA

Jacob and Kelly said...

I love the grapfruit necklace. I love long beads with a t-shirt and jeans. The best part is that it is afordable.
Kelly P., IA

Melissa said...

Nice products. I liked the description of the "Ice" earrings: Bohemian meets classic.

Melissa C, MO

Renee said...

The Ice earrings grabbed by attention and I immediately pictured several different outfits from my closet I could pair them with. Great use of descriptive words and imaginitive suggestions!

Renee W - Kansas

Mark & Aup said...

The mushrooms, I thought they were cute then looked at the description and instantly smiled, it was perfect and they are darling!

Aupreille E, Iowa

Anonymous said...

the rosebud earrings! Lovely!

Deborah, S., Michigan

Cara said...

I like the waves and fall earrings. The grapefruit necklace was cute also.
Cara R. Utah

Becky said...

I loved the Ice earrings ... all of them had great descriptions. Thanks!
Becky C., Washington

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite item was the earings called "Fall". I love the combination of fall colors, I use them to decorate throughout my house. Anyway, I loved them even more because of the description about cuddling up with popcorn and a movie since it's one of my very favorite things to do. Thanks!
Noel B. Arizona

Momma-of-5 said...

I love the Lolli.
I really liked 'em all...but I like the round shimmer at the bottom. I'm weird...I know.

Amy H
Ramsey, NJ

Jones Family said...

The Fall earring description was my favorite because I could totally picture myself doing those things- especially eating popcorn!

Hannah J. Utah

Emily Lewis said...

LOVE all of it! But, especially the "grapefruit" necklace. It made my mouth water they are so sweet and sour. Then I thought, if I had that necklace I would wear it with a sweet and sour attitude and would strut around sassing off "look what I have and you don't!" BEAUTIFUL jewelry!
-Emily L. Colorado

Anonymous said...

I really liked the ice earrings, I am not a big earring wearer but it made me want to wear some!
Suzie B., Iowa!

Sierra & Ryan said...

So cute! I really liked the description for the "Blueberry Dot". Not only are they so cute but describing them as "funky dangles" made me imagine wearing them and standing out. Check out my funky dangles! :) I really liked it!

Sierra J.

Anonymous said...

I loved the grapefruit necklace! The titles of the items is what catches my eye the most. Hooray!
I do love giveaways!

Cindy T. Utah

The P*dunc's said...

I like "waves". It was short and sweet. I like all your descriptions, very unique and different.

Kristen D

Haylee Mollerup said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! I can't decide! I loved the ice earings, blueberry dot earings, and the frames are super cute!!

Haylee M.

the4moyers said...

Cute site. I love the grapefruit necklace and the mushroom earrings. Nice site.

Tanya M. (California)

*Katie May* said...

I think all her descriptions and product names fit well and are cute. I love the ice earrings and the blackbird frame. Very cute things :)

Katie C.

Julie E. said...

Nice set-up on the Etsy shop - cute jewelry. Would love to see more frames.

I like the look of the grapefruit necklace - and fun description. I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl.

Julie E.