Sunday, February 24, 2008



Feature Presentation:

Callie Micks Aprons

"I design cute, modern aprons that are fashionable and eco-friendly."

Up for Grabs:
One sassy cook is going to win the Lily Apron (color to be determined).

I can just see myself whipping up something yummy in this:

How to win:

*Go visit Callie at and take a gander at her lovely aprons.

*Come back here and leave me a comment at the end of this post.

*Callie wants to know:

1. your favorite style and color.

2. click here and read her "we believe" statements. Make your own up and share it when you leave your comment. She will read them all and choose one at the end of the giveaway to add to her website.

**Please leave your first name, last initial and state**

Crunch Time:

*This giveaway is open for entries until Sunday, Mar. 2nd, 9:00 pm (CST).
*I will randomly select a winner and post it here first thing Monday (Mar. 3rd) morning.
*Winner has 3 days to email me,, and claim your prize.

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Begins Monday, March 3rd! Hint: "Bringing a Kind Attitude to All"

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tammy b said...

i'm smitten with julia and lily, i'd like one each, with the green color blocking! i believe june cleaver is an urban legend, but that any home cooking beats fast food every time

Alice Wills Gold said...

Alice G, TN....I like the lily apron the the back and the formfitted chest.

"We believe that the kitchen holds unlimited memories in the making."

Amy said...

How cute are these aprons?! I love the Lucy one because of the two pockets and the tie around the front is cute too. I'd love to see one in brown and pale blue (or aqua).

Here's my we believe statement:
We believe a waist is a terrible thing to mind. (I can't claim that as original, I think it was Julia Child that said it but I still giggle when I hear it!)

Amy M., Illinois

hannah m said...

I love the gray Lily apron with the green stripe--so flattering!

We believe in being sassy while cooking in the kitchen: cute apron, cute shoes, your favorite lipgloss on and singing along to our favorite music just a little too loudly.

Hannah M., CA

windycindy said...

Hi, What adorable aprons! I really like the "lily" apron that is navy blue with black. My feelings about the kitchen are ~ "We believe that some of the best mother/child bonding happens in the kitchen!" Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks very much!

Greta said...

Oh, I love the Lily apron in grey and lime.

We believe great relationships are formed over food.

Sara said...

I love the lily apron.....brown and aqua.
We believe in wine-ing while cooking!

Sara F., KY

Anonymous said...

I like the blue sadie apron the best, these are very cute.

I believe even if you don't know how to cook well, wearing an apron sure makes your look like you do.

Jessica M, Utah

Anonymous said...

Lily in gray and green is hot!

We believe that food is our friend.

Kristen D

Anonymous said...

I love the Lily in brown and aqua!

We believe children should be seen, heard, and snuggled. Daily.

allie said...

I love the Julia, so cute, in grey.

We believe that food tastes better when you look cute making it.

Allie A., UT

J( said...

I love the Julia apron (style) colors I would have to agree with previous poster-- NC blue and brown is too cute! Love your work :)

"I believe "good for you" food can taste good too!

Janine H. KS

Anonymous said...

I just love these aprons! My favorite is the Julie Apron! Red and hot pink would to be a good choice!

"We believe that the kitchen is the best place to hang out with family and friends!"

Shelly P
North Carolina

Anonymous said...

I love the Lucy in brown and red. Great color combo with pockets to boot.

"We believe in trying it all. You never know - you might like it."

Stephanie M., Ohio

Melisa said...

I love the Lily in brown and aqua. It looks very feminine.

How about "We believe you can look great while cooking Mac and Cheese." :)

clay and jordan said...

I love the Lily apron in brown and blue...and the back of the apron is adorable!

We believe in eating dessert FIRST!

Jordan H.

Noel said...

My favorite is the Lily apron in Brown and aqua blue. It's so cute.

We believe cooking together brings out some of the best and most memorable family moments.

Noel B. Arizona

Jill said...

I love the lily apron - brown looks good on me!

I believe that children are our future - feed them well and let them lead the way!

Jill P., Ohio

arpatrick said...

These aprons are amazing! My favorite is the Lily apron in grey and lime. I'd love to see some brown and pink going on...

We believe that Callie Micks Aprons rock!

We believe you can be beautiful while slaving over the stove.

Thanks Callie!

Anonymous said...

Wow, something for everyone! I love the Lucy apron, my mother would love the Julia apron, and my mother-in-law would love the Lily apron!

I really like the dark blue and green color combinations you have already - but I think some brown and red combinations would be really fabulous to see in each of these styles!

We believe...
I believe that mental and physical health are indivisible and that mothers have a unique opportunity to tend to both from will certainly become a room full of fond memories for their children and husband, the kitchen.

Mariah H., Colorado

*Katie May* said...

Love the colors in Julia Brown but I LOVE the style of the Lily Apron any color!

"We Believe if people take the trouble to cook, you should take the trouble to eat."

Katie C.

Rachael said...

I love the Lucy apron! I believe that looking good while taking care of your family makes all the difference.
Rachael H - IL

Ashley said...

It's a tie, I like the green Julia apron, but love the back of the Lily...
Cute aprons!! I like the colors!!


I really have a thing for aprons! I'm loving Lucy (also my daughters name:))

We believe there are no calories in the cookie dough eaten before being baked :)
Corine C., Missouri

The Jones Fam said...

My favorite is the Lily Apron in gray and lime green. So feminine!

"We believe anyone can be a great cook!"

Natalie J., Iowa

Katherine said...

I love the Lucy and Lily Aprons - actually I like them all. I really love the Aqua & Lime colorblock combination. I would totally love a full apron with that combination.

We believe...aprons are God's way of saving Momma's Sanity!

We believe...aprons are for all kinds of creating!

Love the aprons!

Kira Joy said...

I am crazy about the fitted-darted Lily apron...and I like it in brown and aqua...though I wish it had the cute button straps that the Sadie Apron has.

how about
"We believe that, when the mood is right, an apron would be more appropriately titled 'domestic lingerie'"

seriously though...don't you think aprons are kinda sexy?

Kira S.

heidi said...

The lily apron is totally my favorite - with the teal ofcourse! At my house, "we believe the kitchen is where deliciousness happens..." -heidi r. arizona

Jessie said...

Sadie in brown is adorable!

We believe that food brings people together.

Sweetpeas said...

I love the Lily apron in brown & aqua.

We believe in making cooking a family operation, even if it takes longer & is messier . . . we're making memories, not just food!

LaRee B., Maryland

Heitmann Family said...

I love aprons and wear one pretty much all day when I am at home. I love her designs and colors. I like the lucy in the blue and turquois. The lily is adorable with the criss-cross back. Oh, please let me win!!

Aimee H. Washington

Andrew's Mom said...

My favorite style is the Lily apron in grey/lime green.

We believe that dinner as a family is important.

Megan B. Washington

Kim B. UT said...

My favorite look is the Lucy. VERY CUTE!

We believe cooking doesn't mean perfection, if you burn something it just adds character to your meal :)

Paige said...

I love the Julia apron with aqua and yellow. So pretty!

I also like the "We believe" statements. I believe that you can have breakfast anytime of the day.

Paige T

Melony and Todd said...

I love the lucy apron in red and brown. It is a cute website and I like the idea of we believe statements. Very creative. I think the price point is a little high for your target market.

"We believe that life is a like a cupcake. It can get a little messy, but it is oh so good!"

Danielle said...

I LOVE LUCY! And Lily too! Grey with lime green!
Danielle S Ohio
dansan826 at

Anonymous said...

I like the Lucy Apron in Brown.

We believe that the soul of the family blossoms during discussions at the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

I like the Lucy Apron in Brown.

We believe that the soul of the family blossoms during discussions at the dinner table.

Dana H, Texas

*I already posted but forget to leave my name so I'm reposting :)

The Melo's said...

I love the Julia apron, so cute!

We believe that love feeds the soul.

Kate M. MI

Anonymous said...

I love the Lucy Apron in brown and red just think how cute it would be if the colors were switched!!

"We believe that if the kitchen is a mess everybody must be full!"

Kristin L. Utah

NerdMom said...

I like the Lilly apron in blue.

Emily B said...

I like the Lucy Apron-brown.

We believe when momma aint happy, aint nobody happy!

Emily B, Missouri

Bebemiqui said...

I like the lily apron in gray and green :0)

We believe that anyone who tries CAN cook.
Great giveaway. Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

musson said...

My favorite is the Julia Apron! Too cute!

We believe chocolate should be taken with every meal.

Laura Lee M. - Iowa

Mark, Holly & Boys said...

LOVE these aprons! If I had to pick, I'd say my fav is Lily in brown/teal.

How about "We believe that if an apron doesn't save your clothes while cooking - it may save them while coaxing your toddler to eat!"

Holly W., UT

Tara said...

I'm in love with the Lily Apron in grey. It's adorable! Well, they all really are actually.

"We Believe that food and family are the spices of life!"

Tara F.

jt said...

Love, love the Sadie.

We believe it's not how the food tastes, it's how you look cooking it!

emily t. arizona

Anonymous said...

The Julia Apron is for me! Cute! Cute! Cute!

I believe some of the best meals are thrown together at the last minute.

I believe in getting out of my comfortable bed after 8 a.m. is a luxury.

I believe it's better to have too much than not enough.

I believe one can never have too much chocolate.

I believe forgiving is sometimes easier than forgetting.

I believe in skipping yoga class to go to the pizza place.

I believe good food and good loving makes one happy.

I believe one needs no excuse to celebrate...with those you love...or by yourself.

I believe cooking is an expression of love.

I believe carbs are carbs good or bad.

I believe apron wearing is good for the cook and the cooking.

Anonymous said...

My fav is the Julia in gray and stylish!!

We believe knowing how to cook....priceless.

Sandy L. Iowa

Michelle B said...

Lucy apron grey! Love it!

We believe that sometimes it is ok to eat dessert first.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love them fav. is the Lily in aqua/brown.

We believe in the healing power of "retail therapy"
(I sure do!)

Jen L., Alabama

Sara Gibson said...

I love the lily apron in brown and blue. So cute!

We believe that dinnertime comes and goes everyday, but conversations at the dinner table last a lifetime.

Sara G., Utah

Anonymous said...

The Lucy aprons are my favorite. I love every color.

Brooke H. Louisiana

February 24, 2008 9:26 PM

Anonymous said...

Courtney said...
The Lucy apron in brown is my favorite!

Courtney C. Tennessee

Julie E. said...

I LOVE these aprons! I think my favorite is the Lucy apron in brown. The red contrast with it is fabulous!

We believe that cookie dough should never come from a package.

MichaelandKyra said...

I love the Lily Apron in brown.

My Statement holds true...


I thought of that and it's so true. We need to get out of our standard meal bubble and adventure out. Try something new. If you don't like then you don't like it but at least you can say you've had it. Who are we to judge food from different cultures. More people need to eat fish.

I'm making a plaque with that saying and puting it on my wall even if I don't win.

Kyra M. Issaquah, WA

CJW's folks said...

My favorite is the Lily apron.

We believe that butter fixes everything.

Jean W

Naomi said...

i like Lily in grey and lime

we believe that licking the bowl is mandatory

Jenny said...

I love the Item# lucy-apron-brown, I may have to get my mom and me one for Mother's Day.

We believe that aprons can be passed on full of memories!

Jenny S. Georgia

bonniejean22 said...

I like the julia-apron-grey the best. way cute
Bonnie C. iowa

Jacob and Kelly said...

This is a hard decision. I really like three of them and they are all differnt styles but I think my favorite is the Lucy in the grey but the Julia is a close second.
Kelly P., IA

Janie said...

I love the Lily apron!
My favorite colors together! You might as well look sassy while cooking! ;-)
Janie S. TN

Fuzzy said...

I love the Lucy Apron in brown!

We believe that food brings familie and friends together.

Fuzzy R. in VA

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I love the Julia apron in brown.

I believe in the magic of food.

Angie B, Arizona

Sarah and John Root said...

These are darling aprons! My favorite is the Julia apron in brown - cute!

"We believe eating leftover chocolate cake for breakfast is good for the soul."

Sarah R. California

Kacey Randolph said...

Love, love love the Lily apron - too cute!

We believe in the invaluable lesson of respect. Respect for ourselves, our family, others, and our earth.

Kacey R. Tennessee

Carly said...

These are so dang cute. I am loving the julia in brown. I love the little ruffles and the color combo. How cute would anyone look while cooking in one of her aprons!

Carly S., Iowa

Kelley Flint said...

Cute aprons. I love the Lucy apron, especially the brown one.

"We believe that cooking anything is a cherished experience."

Kelley F., Pennsylvania

Dooneybug said...

I love the Sadie apron! "We believe an apron is a necessary kitchen utensil".

April B., Minnesota

Wendy said...

I love the look of both the Julia brown and the Lily grey and green, but I think the Lily would be more functional since I tend to spill all over myself, not just my lap!

We believe in eating to live and living to eat!

Wendy C., Texas

Anonymous said...

I love the lily apron in brown/ cute!!! Who says you can't be trim and trendy while doing the "everyday"stuff?!

Shauna R. MI

Angela said...

I love the lily and the Sadie aprons.

We believe eating is a spiritual event.

Angela O., Louisiana

Adriane said...

I love the Lily and the Julia aprons. My favorite color is the brown and blue.

"We believe in a thing called love!"

Adriane J. Texas

Shannon said...

I like the Julia apron in brown.

We believe that everything tastes better if it was made in grandma's kitchen!

Shannon B., Indiana

M said...

Oh I love the lily and julia aprons in brown, red, and blue! So so cute!

Michelle S., Utah

julesttdmom said...

I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE the Lily apron in grey in lime!! It is too cute! The reason why I love this one the best is becuase it is something that I can't just find at any old store. It is creative and original!!!

Ami said...

My favorite is the Lily in navy...but I would love to have a RED one!!!

At our house...We believe that Cooking with LOVE makes our food taste better - it is the secret ingredient.

Ami D. from Illinois

Tatum said...

The "Lily" is so stinkin' cute in the lime and gray, it's very flattering and feminine! I agree with Kira, the girl who believes that these aprons could be titled "domestic lingerie," they definitely are sexy...A perfect way to get things sizzlin' in the kitchen at dinner time. haha! At least that's ok at my house, cause there's no kids around...yet!

We believe that a kitchen is a place where you can have bare feet, good food and lots of laughs!

We believe a childhood isn't complete without every sound, sight and smell from your mothers kitchen having good memories attached to it!

Tatum O.

Robin said...

Robin J, Claifornia

I love the Lucy apron in grey... cute contrast!

I believe that I should always make a GREAT dessert, so even if the main meal is "just okay" everyone leaves the table really happy!

andrea.ponder said...

I LOVE LUCY! The yellow strip reminds me of Spring!

We believe the dinner table is where a working woman's greatest art is presented.

Andrea R.

Cami said...

I love the Lucy apron in brown and blue. So pretty.

"We believe that all things mixed with love taste better."

Cami S.

Anonymous said...

I Love Lucy and have for years. What great memories we create while wearing aprons.

We believe aprons are Thoughtful Things.
Maggie W. NYC NY

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the Lucy apron, but I wish it had pockets for practicality. My favorite color combo is actually the brown, red, and blue pictures on the "julia-apron-brown."

We believe cooking together brings couples closer.

Lisa M.
Denver, CO

JeffnHolly said...

I am loving the brown and aqua lily style. I never knew aprons could be so cute! I am a hand wiper and aprons save my clothes from looking like I've been in the kitchen all day.
We believe that even though you think your food tastes good, it's always better when someone else tells you too!
Holly L. Utah

Katie said...

I LOVE the Sadie-brown apron. Such a cute idea to have the overall look!! My statement would have to be:
"Cooking without anything to measure with is very liberating and exciting!"

Katie E. (Ca)

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the Lucy apron in brown and red. I love how it ties in the front, who likes to tie an apron on behind yourself! I would like one in navy and green, two of my favorites.

We believe cooking a fabulous AND healthy meal every day!

Suzie B., IA

Lisa said...

I like them all! I think my favorite color is the brown and yellow.

We believe that life is not complete without chocolate.

Lisa N. Iowa

Anonymous said...

Brown and Aqua is adorable.

We believe food should be enjoyed not just consumed.

Mary N. Utah

Cara said...

I like the lily-apron--brownaqua

We believe cooking TOGETHER accomplishes more than just cooking.

Cara R.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Apron was the Lucy Apron – how nice to finally see one that is truly functional.

Beth H, Florida

We believe statement:

“We believe the best PB & J sandwich is the one you make in your first very own kitchen.”

Anonymous said...

loved the Lucy apron that was brown and red. So cute!

We believe that making memories with our kids is more important than a clean house!

Lindsey M., UT

Anonymous said...

Lily grey is my cute!
We believe, believing is the first step.
April L., Indiana

twatkins said...

All the aprons are so cute! I really liked the Lily in grey and lime.

We believe that moms can still look sexy, even in the kitchen!

Tiffany W

Amy said...

I like the Lucy apron in brown. I really like the touches of bright color in the aprons, and would like to see more of that.

We believe cupcakes should be thier own food group.

Amy H., Iowa

Anonymous said...

I love the brown lily. So cute!

"We (can't) believe the kids and hubby want three meals a day, every single day!"

Eliza H., Texas

Karin, Dave, and baby Evan said...

My favorite is the Lucy Apron in brown and red.

Here's my "we believe" statement:
"We believe in being comfy when cooking (although, there's nothing wrong with wearing a pair of sassy heels to spice things up a bit)."

Karin D., Iowa

Anonymous said...

I love that you can custom order with your own logo/colors...
I like the Lily because of the feminine details, but I worry if it would fit my "curves" :)

We believe in breakfast for dinner - pancakes anyone?

Cheri N. in FL

Haylee Mollerup said...

I had a hard time narrowing it down to which apron I like the best.....I think I'll have to say the sadie and lucy apron in brown.

We believe in eating together as a family brings us together as a family.

Haylee M.

Becky T said...

Oh my gosh, how do I choose one? I think I am loving Lucy the most, in brown and red. Although I'm liking Julia quite a bit too...

We believe that good food strengthens relationships.

Becky T

Sara said...

I love love love the Lily apron!

We believe that good eats make good friends and good memories.

Sara P., Iowa

Anonymous said...

I love these aprons! Sooo cute! My favorite is the dark blue lily apron.

We believe in lots of hugs, even while cooking!

Angie A., Pennsylvania

Heather said...

I really like the gray and yellow apron lily apron. I think is is really cute.

We believe husbands can cook too.

Heather S

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

I love the Lucy in brown.
We believe the heart of a home can be found in the kitchen!

Rebecca F - Iowa