Friday, January 18, 2008

**Quick Update**

Hey Friends!

Hope you're having fun! I can't WAIT to announce our first winners in the next few days!
I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting a great response from businesses. I even had an author who is releasing a new novel contact me for a giveaway!!

To make sure we can continue doing the giveaways, we need lots of people to participate. My goal for this first one is to have 100 people. So far we are at 52. Please don't bug your friends, but do make sure you are spreading the word! I just have to show the businesses that it is worthwhile to giveaway one of their products.

Thanks! Have Fun, and Good Luck!!


clay and jordan said...

Hey Robin! Count me on this! I've been spreading the word to all my girlfriends back home so hopefully you'll get even more of us ready to participate soon!

Rochelle said...

Hi Robin! I love The Open Circle necklace, it is SO pretty!!! I have been letting people down here know about your site. I hope this fun idea of your's goes well!!

Rochelle P. Louisiana

P.S. Why, in your profile, does it list your gender as male? :)

Laura said...

Love the True Hearts Necklace! If I win, I would have my brother's name and his wife's name engraved...their anniversary is Feb. 14th. That would make a sweet gift! =D

Laura B.
South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin!

I like the True Hearts Necklace! That would make a perfect gift for my sister-in-law. She and my brother got married on Valentines Day. Having their names engraved would be perfect!!! =D

Laura B.
South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I am just getting familiar with this spot, how cool! I like all the Lisa Leonard pieces, but especially the "Sparkle" square with the star. She does amazing stuff!

Catie S.